What Is Kindercore? The Most Fun Design Aesthetic for your home

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If one word could sum up the Kindercore style it would have to be ‘fun’. Although it started around 2010, the popularity of this quirky movement is at its zenith.

This is possibly due to the gloomy days of our lockdown status, where bad news seemed to be the only news and any ‘fun’ was starting to become a distant memory. In a nutshell, Kindercore is simple, yet unabashed and perfect for anyone who wants to add a little fun to their home.

Although at first glance it might appear to be childish, with an eye-popping primary colour palette, its simple design should not be overlooked as a passing design fad. Its purpose of creating squishy comfort-based pieces in vibrant colours is to essentially achieve a more relaxed living or working environment, that exudes a carefree, simplistic style.

The Kindercore Values

The Kindercore Values

The name Kindercore comes from the word ‘kinder’, meaning ‘child’ in German. Blocks of flats, bright colours and ‘chubby’ styled shapes make Kindercore stand out strong and bold – the new kid on the block that wants to take centre stage with its mix of fun and big personality. This is a design aesthetic that begs to be noticed, an energetic and youthful style that embraces the lighter side of life.

These are pieces that not only comfort the body but also stimulate the mind. This playful and vibrant style creates a unique dynamic in the room, adding zest and liveliness to the space it inhabits; beautifully created furniture with softened edges that set this style apart from current interior trends.

Big, Bold & Beautiful

It’s all about making a statement. If you want to mix this style into your current home decor you need to step out of your comfort zone. There are a variety of ways to get the Kindercore vibe going without it looking like the Telly Tubbies crossed with Ikea.

Bring in a brightly coloured chair with big, soft edges and a commanding presence. Why not team it with plumped-up cushions and a statement lamp that looks quirky and fun?

Primary colours project a strong and commanding tone that the trend fully embraces. We’re talking simplicity meets boldness. You can’t ignore Kindercore.

It’s a breath of fresh air, transforming an interior with carefully chosen pieces to complement an existing style. The tongue-in-cheek playfulness evokes memories of childhood, creating a feel-good space where you can unwind, lounge about and just chill.

Putting the ‘Fun’ in ‘Functional’

Putting the 'Fun' in 'Functional'

A Kindercore inspired space can certainly add a colourful zing to a drab room. And let’s not forget the functionality. With a shape and size that seem to enfold us in a snug embrace, this is furniture that is strong and supportive and made for comfort.

Kindercore isn’t for everyone and won’t always work with every room. If the strong colours put you off, you can still mix in some cosy, oversized chairs with soft, rounded lines in a palette to match your existing decor. Throw on some bright cushions to complete the look and add a big, bulbous vase to your coffee table. How about some plate-sized sunflowers, bold and welcoming with oversized heads that match the trend?

Let’s not forget about lighting. If you’re looking for some fun ideas brimming with style, then pendant ceiling lights from Pagazzi will add the finishing touch. Many of these designs blend in seamlessly with the Kindercore values, interesting conversation pieces that rock the trend and add some panache at the same time.

Making the transition to this fun, design aesthetic might not be easy. But if you are looking for a style that focuses on good-feeling cosiness that reminds you of the halcyon days of childhood, then Kindercore might just tick all the boxes.

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