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Businessby Arnab Dey19 May 2022

Software Team

There are many corporate positions that can be outsourced these days. The gig economy has resulted in scads of talented workers who want to freelance their expertise. But company leadership is one thing that can’t be outsourced.

Managers are the face of company culture, the rewarders of good performance, and the discipliner of poor performance. They set goals and develop the talent necessary to achieve them. They’re also the last line of defense when it comes to quality assurance for customers.

And software team leaders are an especially distinctive breed. The adage of “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” doesn’t apply. These leaders are usually exceptional developers before they step into a managerial role. In other words, they can do as well as teach.

Even if you’re a software team leader who’s surrounded by stellar talent, that talent needs solid leadership. Pay close attention to the way you lead your team.

You can always improve as a leader in the same way your team can always improve its performance.

Here Are A Few Ways You Can Lead Your Software Team To Greater Success:

1. Neither a Dictator nor a Buddy Be

Assuming a managerial position requires a whole different set of skills than those you employed as a developer. Software team leadership means you know how to do your direct reports’ jobs, but your role removes you from that routine. That makes you neither your team members’ buddy nor a dictator lording over them.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t occasionally need to call on both your prior expertise and direct leadership skills. In many cases, you’ll be able to embrace a democratic leadership style, taking your team’s opinions into account. Other times, you may need to lay down the law, particularly with young developers.

The trick is to know how to deploy both leadership styles effectively and how to recognize when each is called for. It may take some trial and error to figure it out. But once you do, your team will be more productive.

2. Create a Safe Space

Create a Safe Space

Senior leadership that is effective creates safe spaces for their team members. They fight for resources, advocate for upward mobility, and empower individuals to excel. They provide a buffer from conflict when necessary while removing barriers to success.

The space you create for your team members should give them the freedom to find innovative solutions. At the same time, offer encouragement and support. You reward success and offer a hand to help employees who fail — not chastisement — so they can try again.

One of the challenges of mentoring others is avoiding the temptation to do the work for your mentees. Instead, you need to step back, let go, and let them figure it out. When you catch yourself trying to do someone else’s job, remember to give them the tools they need, not do the entire project for them.

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3. Lead Synergistically

There is a tremendous opportunity for the leaders and team members of software development firms to be synergistic. That’s because most managers in this field have the same knowledge and expertise as their team. It’s fertile ground for incorporating servant leadership.

Use your role to empower your team members and support their efforts to deliver innovative solutions. Do what you can to help each and every member be successful. Make sure you bring your empathy and listening skills to work every day.

Instead of focusing on building power, servant leadership helps you build authority. Although both approaches probably pay the same, your team will blossom when you embrace synergy.

4. Establish the Vision

stablish the Vision

Great leaders need to see both the forest and the trees. Moreover, they need to be able to explain them to their team members in understandable terms. Establishing a vision is one of the most crucial roles you have.

That said, you can’t establish a vision in a vacuum. You’ll need to meld the overall corporate vision with what your team’s customers need and want. You also need to have your team contribute to the overall vision by brainstorming ways they can deliver.

Everyone should be able to weigh in on and understand the big picture. That comprehension will give your team a customer-centric focus on what they do every day.

Know More

To lead a successful team, you need to keep pace with what’s going on in your industry. You should know what your competitors are doing and look at the research to anticipate emerging trends. You first need to figure out where to look, then invest the time and attention required to stay on top of industry developments.

Digesting this information and brainstorming related ideas with your team encourages innovation. You want a team that will rise to the challenge of competition in your industry. But your team is relying on you to keep them apprised of what’s going on out there.

You should block off routine time in your schedule to keep yourself informed. Make sure you share the information you glean with your team and discuss trends in the field regularly. It’s your job to take the lead with the input, but it’s everyone’s job to invest in the outcomes.

Good Leaders Make Themselves

Not everyone is cut out to lead, but if you find yourself leading a software team, you probably are. To lead a highly successful team though, you need to be a good follower as well.

To quote Aristotle, “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” Great team leaders are great followers of company leaders above them, industry leaders, and peers.

Always be conscious of the need to continuously improve your leadership skills, just as you encourage your team members to continuously improve what they do. Make sure everyone on your software team succeeds, or no one — including you — will.

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