Well Maintenance: Making Sure Your Water Stays Safe to Drink

Lifestyleby Mashum Mollah10 December 2019

Water Stays Safe

We now live in a time when many people take service water for granted. But as widespread as it seems, there are people in places where it’s not available or accessible. For them, wells are the way to go, as you can get water from underground.

This, however, would mean you need to take extra care when it comes to the safety of what you get. Unsafe drinking water can cause various health diseases, including diarrhea, cholera, and polio.

Whether you’re planning on drilling for a new well or you already have one, here are four points you should remember.

Leave Digging to the Experts

Well water safety starts from the planning and goes on to the construction. You may want to simply do the digging yourself, in an area you think maybe a good source, but unless you have full know-how, you’re likely going to end up with unsafe water.

If you’re like most people who don’t have enough knowledge about digging or drilling a well, then you’re better off getting professional well drilling services in your area. They’ll be able to figure out where you should best put in the structure as well as construct it properly.

Regularly Test Your Water

After you have constructed the well, you now have to maintain it properly. An important part of that is regularly testing your water. Contact a reputable laboratory that can help you do this. Not only will they be able to detect bacteria and other harmful organisms, but they’ll also be able to see if there are any chemicals you shouldn’t be ingesting or exposing your body to. In case they found any problems, you can also ask them how you can solve them.

Regularly Inspect Your Well

Aside from testing the water itself, you would also need to check on the well every once in a while or hire someone else to do it. Even when it’s constructed in an optimal location and with favorable conditions, damage can still happen. It could be the result of wear over time or it could appear due to sudden events such as earthquakes and wildfires. The status of your well can and will affect the quality and safety of your water.

Immediately Solve Issues

Any issues regarding the well and the water inside it will directly and immediately affect you and your household. For example, a crack may have let in dangerous chemicals or harmful organisms in the water. If you let it be for too long, it will eventually make you ill. That is why you should have them solved as soon as you know of them. Yes, there will be costs, but the impact on your finances is much less important than that of your life, health, and safety.

Keeping your water safe requires you to make all efforts to maintain your well. This means having it built to a standard, performing regular checks on it and what’s inside, and resolving any issues that come up as soon as possible. It can be challenging, but at least you will be able to fully enjoy a clean source of water.

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