Mirrors Are Great For Adding Light And Space To A Room

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Perfect Mirrors are great for adding light and space to a room. But let’s face it, they can be heavy! This is a complete guide on how to hang one safely. It includes what you’ll need, the steps required, and why this job is best left to professionals if you’re not confident in your DIY skills.

Can Your Wall Hold A Heavy Mirror?

Can Your Wall Hold A Heavy Mirror?

Yes, a solid wall can hold up to 100 pounds. However, if you’re hanging anything over 40 pounds, it’s always recommended that you use anchors or drywall screws to hang the heavy mirrors on your house wall.

What Do You Need To Complete The Mirror Project?

You’ll need a few items. But most of them you probably already have around the house! Including screwdriver, drill (for drilling into the wall), pencil, level (to mark holes on the mirror), tape measurer (to ensure it is straight), heavy-duty construction glue for mirrors, and wire cutters to complete the project. It’s always best to double-check that these tools are in good condition so you can be sure not to take any risks with them. 

If there isn’t one present, do ask someone else as cutting through wires could result in an electric shock, which will also put lives at risk. In addition, if screws aren’t cut to the right length, your mirror has a wobbly finish, which will spoil the overall look you’re going for.

What If I Have To Drill Into Brick? ​

What If I Have To Drill Into Brick? ​

If that’s what you need, then just make sure that they are using special tools designed especially for hanging the mirrors on the wall. Otherwise, the damage could occur. This is because standard drills can heat up quickly when used on harder materials and may cause sparks or even catch fire (which obviously isn’t good!).

If you’re feeling brave/confident enough, go ahead but only do so at your own risk! Also, don’t forget to wear protective eyewear, gloves, and dust masks where necessary – doing any job like this without following safety rules could result in a serious injury.

What Type Of Glue Will Work?

You’ll need a heavy-duty glue mirror for this type of job. This is because many other standard ones won’t be able to hold the weight of your mirrors and could result in them falling off the wall. 

It’s best to use one that has been specifically designed by experts if you want something which will work effectively – otherwise, all this hard work could come crashing down around you!

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror – STEP BY STEP

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror - STEP BY STEP

Heavy mirror hanging is always challenging work, especially when you are single at work. But with the correct hands, the equipment, this work is turning out to be more simple.

Here are step-by-step guides to hang the heavy mirrors on the wall.

Step 1: Find the studs. Before you do anything, it’s vital that you find all of them first before marking holes for screws. This is because if there are any missing or they’re not in a spot where your mirror can’t be hung, there will need to be alternative methods used that won’t result in making a hole (which could break down the wall). 

If you don’t know how to do this successfully, then seek professional help as otherwise, damage may occur, and no one wants that!

Step 2: Drill into the walls. Once all studs have been located, you’ll want to drill straight into them using an electric drill – make sure these ones aren’t too powerful, though, or else it may end up going straight through the wall! Again, it’s important to wear protective eyewear and gloves for this mirror task just in case.

Step 3: Screw into place – now you can screw your mirrors into place. Always make sure that these screws are long enough to hold onto the weight of your mirror but not too thick, or else they’ll go right through. 

If you have any doubts, then ask a professional who will be able to help give advice on what size would work best with each particular type of material being used. The last thing you want is substantial damage occurring. As a result, always play safe!

Step 4: Wire up electrical sockets if necessary (if using one). As an added touch (depending on how much time/effort you wish to put in), you may want to wire up your mirrors using an electrical socket. Again, if this is something that will be done, then it’s best that a professional does the job. 

This is because if they don’t use the right equipment and wires aren’t installed correctly (for example, not entering through a cavity wall), there could be problems with electrocution occurring as well as fire risk – neither of these things is good!

Step 5: Apply adhesive paste or mounting brackets. Using heavy-duty glue, apply some onto the back of your mirror and fix it into place on whatever surface you’re hanging it from. In addition, for extra support, depending on how heavy/large your glass is, you can also add metal screw-in levers (or if you’re using glass that is too heavy to drill into, there are also brackets available). 

These will help make sure that the mirrors stay sturdy and don’t end up falling off (especially if it’s extremely large or even windy outside!). If this isn’t done, then your job may not be as effective.


Mirrors are plates that play an essential role in beautiful interior home designs. However, when you are choosing suitable mirrors for your home the whole look of the room is going to change. So when you want to apply some easy makeover for your houses, picking up the suitable size mirrors designs along with the lights is a clever decision.

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