Receiptify 101: Everything You Should Know In 2023!

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Receiptify is an app that is quite interesting because it makes your music choices shareable and fun. Spotify Wrapped is a feature in Spotify that promotes songs and genres by making a list at the end of the year.

The list includes the songs the listeners have favored most in the last year. The genre is highlighted concerning how the listener has gravitated toward it in the list. These lists can be turned into a receipt through Receiptify. It is both fun and memorable.

It can be considered a good gift option. The Receiptify services use music streaming services, making it more convenient for users and immensely creative. The service is an unofficial tool that can be used to create a receipt for Apple Music and Spotify.

Receiptify 101: Everything You Should Know In 2023!

Receiptify is also identified as a usage-based trend that has become viral on social media. Spotify Receiptify creates receipts for the tracks they have listened to. Many users have been sharing this list which informs of artists and tracks to others.

It is an ongoing trend, and if you want to follow it, you must read the article to learn more about how to use Receiptify and make Spotify and Apple Music receipts. The trend is based on the streaming habits of the listeners.

Michelle Liu, who goes to Carnegie Mellon University and is from Maryland, developed the unofficial tool for music streaming services. She studies in the Department of Information Systems.

What Is Receiptify?

What Is Receiptify

With the increasing number of streaming services, music streaming has become more of a trend to listen to instead of downloading songs. Recently, people have wanted to refrain from using their storage by downloading songs.

Instead, they are subscribed to music streaming services such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify. It is where Receiptify comes in, as it can list down all the songs you have listened to in a certain period and provide relevant information.

According to the official site,, it is one of the top track generators. Receiptify is a website where a list of music tracks is listed in a receipt form and has other information related to the music. In the receipt, the name of the songs are notified as items purchased.

The duration of the tracks is in place of the amount. There is also an option called “total value,” where the album length is summed up. The album credits are also informed in the receipt at the bottom, while the copyright information is also given.

How To Use Receiptify?

It is not just about a social trend or grabbing the user’s attention. It is also about creating a pattern regarding your choices and preferences of artists, songs, and genres as a user. You need to follow the steps to use Receiptify for music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

  • The first step is to open the official website of Receiptify and login into the relevant streaming service you want to access. You have to fill in the credentials to access the service.
  • The second step is to find ‘Top Artists’ or ‘Top Tracks’ in the streaming service.
  • The third step is to set a filter based on ‘Last Month, ’ ‘Last,Year,’ or ‘All Time.’
  • Once you submit the filters, Receiptify successfully generates a list based on the preferences. It is now ready to print or save. Getting a breakdown of the list

Information related to the tracks, the artists, the song lengths, and other information is also available in the receipts. The application has been inspired by an Instagram account called @albumreceipts which includes album setlists in a receipt form.

How To Create Receiptify Spotify?


To use Receiptify Spotify, you need to access your account on Spotify. The process is relatively easy. All you have to do is visit the official website of Receiptify and click on the “Login with Spotify” option. Once the login is done, you can enter your Spotify credentials and accordingly link your account.

Receiptify will ask for permission to sign in to Spotify. Hence, users should give the required permissions as it helps collect and analyze the user data. The data can then be processed to create the Spotify Receipt.

Once done, users can share the Receipts on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Further postings can be done by taking a Screenshot and giving a custom-made caption.

How To Receiptify Apple Music?

Apple Music

Receiptify can also be used to create receipts if you are a user of Apple Music. For users of Apple Music, creating musical receipts is possible through Receiptify Apply Music. You will, however, need to log in to the Apple Music app to access the data lists.

The website and the app of Receiptify will use the API of Apple Music to find the usage data and stored information. The user creates the duration of the music tracks based on the receipts. Accordingly, it is based on the most played songs mentioned in a tenure.

Recently it has been observed that the app is not working correctly regarding Apple Music. What you can do is check the pop-up blocks that might be present in your browser and open them.

Is It Safe To Use Receiptify?

Is It Safe To Use Receiptify  

Now the question arises, is Receiptify safe? It is a valid question because it is an official service. The service given by Receiptify is entirely safe for use, and it does not collect any personal data while creating the receipts.

So yes, it is 100% safe! You should not worry about using it at all because you can connect your Spotify account with Receptify! Spotify has built the official API of Receptify therefore, the personal information that you have given is completely secure.

It is also essential to inform you that even when you sign in to your streaming accounts, such as Apple Music or Spotify, they do not access your information.  The only information that Receiptify is able to take is from Spotify alone. So do not worry about the privacy of your information.

Your listening habits at Spotify are taken to develop an understanding of how to create the receipt. Apart from that, the application is a well known service hence, you do not worry about any of your information leaking out on public platforms or being used for ill means!

When signing in to Receiptify, the streaming services can be accessed; however, it does not infringe on your information on the devices. However, to be safe, it is better to use a website to install an app so that there is less risk of exposure to information.


Now that you have gone through the article, I am sure you will learn how to make receipts out of the music you constantly listen to on Spotify! Not only that, you can also develop a detailed understanding of your genre of music and the preferences you can make to acquire a better taste in music!

Please read the article to learn more about Receiptify and how to use it. You will also know how Spotify and Apple Music are used to make receipts.

Comment below if you have created a receipt from an online music streaming application.

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