Russian Fashion Blogger In New York – Top 13 Bloggers Lists

Fashionby Ankita Tripathy25 May 2023

Russian Fashion Blogger In New York

Have you been searching for the best Russian fashion blogger in New York? If your answer to that question is a YES, then you have reached the right place.

The internet is a huge place. And industries of almost all types get a representation in this web of networks. And one way to do that is through blogs.

While a lot of people search for blogs for great essays, others search for blogs that can help them lead the fashion game. And that is where fashion blogs and bloggers come to the scene.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about the best fashion bloggers in New York who are Russian…

What Does A Fashion Blogger Do?

Before talking about the best Russian fashion blogger in New York, it is important that you learn a little about the work of a fashion blogger and how they earn money. What do they really do?

Fashion bloggers promote or advocate fashion-related information on a variety of social media platforms. A fashion blogger is someone who posts about their jewelry, outfit, and other accessories online and blogs about their fashion choices, or about what is trending and what is not in the world of fashion. In the fashion industry, fashion bloggers also work as models, journalists, and stylists.

Now, a lot of people might think that bloggers and influencers are the same. But that is not the case.

According to HarpersBazaar, “Fashion bloggers have a point of view, a certain taste and a unique way of presenting and documenting fashion – whether visual or written.” On the other hand, influencers “don’t typically have blogs or their own platforms outside of social media.”

While the way these two platforms work are different, there are a few things that are the same. And one of them is the fact that you can earn money on both the platforms.

How To Earn Money Through Fashion Blogging?

The emergence of fashion bloggers more than ten years ago was a major turning point in the democratization of the fashion business. Fashion bloggers have a viewpoint, a certain aesthetic preference, and a special manner of expressing and describing fashion, whether in writing or through images.

The most prosperous of these have mastered the art of monetizing their blogs through brand projects, promotions, and advertising. Because of the popularity of their blogs, certain bloggers have earned the title of influencers.

Ever questioned how fashion bloggers could afford their attire, accessories, and makeup? Actually, they’re not required to. The most popular fashion bloggers promote sponsored content, in which sponsors pay them to highlight their goods. For many fashion bloggers, paid and sponsored content is their main source of income.

Here are some of the best ways in which fashion bloggers earn money:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote goods you adore through affiliate marketing. When one of your users buys something after clicking on your link, you get a commission. You must locate fashion items and brands with an affiliate programme if you want to succeed with affiliate marketing.

2. Brand Promotions

Brand Promotions

Brand advertising comes next on the list of ways to make money from blogging. To form a partnership with businesses, emerging designers, and agencies, reach out to them. Observing influential fashion bloggers and their Instagram posts is the greatest approach to learn which businesses are promoting their blogs.

3. Instagram


One of the best ways to make money is through it. The #1 social media platform for fashion and style influencers is now Instagram. To make sure that your posts are seen by the proper people, you must sign up for Instagram and begin posting using pertinent hashtags.

Top 13 Russian Fashion Blogger In New York Who You Must Follow!

If you have been searching for the best Russian fashion blogger in New York, there is no other place for you to go. In this article, I have listed the top thirteen fashion bloggers who are Russian but are based in New York.

So without further ado, let us get started with the best Russian fashion blogger that you must know of and follow in 2023:

1. Nastasya Samburskaya

Nastasya Samburskaya

Social Media Followers: 11.8 million

Natasya Samburskaya, a 36-year-old Russian actress and TV host, comes in first on the list. Samburskaya is one of the top Russian fashion bloggers in New York, well known for her part in the comedy series Univer.

She became popular when she told people what kind of men she prefers in a relationship! Outspoken and independent, the Russian actress has acted in TV series such as “Give me back my love” and “Univer”.

She currently works as a journalist, musician, and fashion designer. In her posts, Nastasya investigates and disseminates the distinctive fashion trends that are suitable for Instagram as well as swoon-worthy!

2. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova

Social Media Followers: 5 million

The next one on the list is the former ace tennis player Sharapova. Yes, not just models and actors can be glamorous and like fashion. It can also help players succeed. Tennis player Maria Sharapova, who was born in Russia, has effectively proven it in front of us.

More than 4 million people follow this Russian fashion blogger in New York on Instagram. On her social media handles, she posts and inspires people about the latest fashion choices that can make literally anyone stand out!

She is one of the top inspiring stories across the world especially with the way she was treated across the world! In women’s sports, when everyone is judged, she made her name by becoming one of the best tennis players.

3. Maryana RO

Maryana RO

Social Media Followers: 8 million

The next person on this list is Maryana RO, a well-known Russian fashion blogger in New York. She was born on October 7, 1999, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, and is now 22 years old. Maryana has 7.7 million followers on Instagram and is well-known for the jokes she plays on her fans.

Maryana has modeled for some of the most well-known brands in the fashion business, and her Instagram profile includes images of those experiences as well as her opinions on the status of the fashion industry today. Well-known publication organizations like Harper’s Magazine promote her fashion game.

Her popularity increased effectively with her colorful blog channel where she posts vibrant posts and articles. She also does entries that are encouraging and supportive to people who are struggling with fashion sense and developing their style!

4. Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya

Social Media Followers: 6 million

Yana Rudkovskaya, another Russian socialite, is well-known in the fashion world. She simultaneously works as a businesswoman, blogger, television producer, and fashion influencer. Rudkovskaya, who has a 2 million-follower Instagram account, has the ability to pull off any style.

Rudkovskaya has continued to provide her audience with high-quality content while managing her family and her business. She is a favorite among her fans in the world of fashion and consistently posts an exciting look on her Instagram account. With her two million Instagram followers, she can rock any outfit.

What is more attractive than a business woman who knows her fashion? She is extremely popular not just because of her fashion sense but also because she inspires respect across women all worldwide!

5. Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova

Social Media Followers: 1 million

Russian actress Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Klimova began her career in 1999 and has since appeared in films, plays, and television. She won the Viktor Rozov Award for Best Actress Under 30 in 2002. Dutchess Natalia Repnina, a character in the 2003 television series Poor Nastya, is one of her well-known roles.

She has always been excellent at acting, but right now she is getting attention for being one of the top fashion bloggers. She constantly uploads a tonne of photos and videos for her followers on Instagram, where she regularly shares insights and ideas relating to fashion. Due to the originality of her ideas and costumes, she is always one step ahead of her rivals.

What is more attractive than a business woman who knows her fashion? She is extremely popular not just because of her fashion sense but also because she inspires respect across women all worldwide!

6. Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova

Social Media Followers: 4 million

Anastasia Reshetova is a 1996-born beauty pageant contestant. She is yet another well-known Russian blogger about fashion in New York. She is a Russian fashion model with 4.1 million followers. So, it’s clear that you can comprehend the effect. In actuality, this has an effect on the entire planet, not just these nations.

She can rise to become one of the best bloggers with many accolades and have a significant impact on many people. This Miss Russia 2014 runner-up gained notoriety after making a few appearances during a season of MBFW Russia.

Another successful model, she has received several opportunities with regards to her modeling career. however, recently she has been extensively working on instagram creating more scope of her popularity.

7. Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova

Social Media Followers: 23.3 million

Olga Buzova, a Russian fashion blogger, also resides in New York. Olga Buzova quickly rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked fashion bloggers in New York City and continues to be so because of her keen sense of style and aptitude for fusing high fashion with streetwear.

She successfully and stylishly manages her careers as a singer, TV host, and businesswoman on her own. She is a fashion influencer and is constantly experimenting with beauty products and clothing.

If you are a fan, you can watch her in a Russian reality TV show called Dom-2! On Instagram, she is the second most followed Russian influencer. As an artist, she is popular along with her awareness to the entertainment industry.

8. Masha Minogarova

Masha Minogarova

Social Media Followers: 1 million

In terms of Russian-born fashion bloggers in the city of New York, Masha Minogarova is the picture of beauty. When you see her picture and learn about her accomplishments in the fashion industry, you will understand why she is so well-liked.

This Russian doll, who has 1.2 million Instagram followers, embodies grandeur and achievement. She took part in Russia’s “Top Model”‘s inaugural season and made it to the grand finale. At that point, she started to gain popularity.

She is the perfect example of Russian beauty! One of her selling factors is that she does cross-country blogging! Apart from that, she has a significant understanding of fashion, inspiring people to understand the latest fashion trends and try it!

9. Dasha Dereviankina

Dasha Dereviankina

Social Media Followers: 557K

Similar to Ekaterina Klimova, Dasha Dereviankina is a well-known television personality. She is a well-known Russian fashion blogger in New York. In December 2012, she downloaded the Instagram app for the first time, and she started uploading pictures there. Her fame has continued to rise ever since.

This 1994-born Ukrainian model is well-known for her critiques of companies like Protein World and Coco White. Dereviankina, who has more than three million followers on Instagram, shows off her passion for fashion by dressing well and posting pictures of herself wearing it online.

Her engagement rate is 1.04 on instagram which is very good especially for a person so busy. You can call her a social media superstar considering she has a huge following and people actually look up to her for suggestions and recommendations about healthy diets, exercise and others.

10. Alexandra Kostenko

Alexandra Kostenko

Social Media Followers: 2.7 million

Alexandra Kostenko is a pro at posting outstanding fashion images and has a distinctive sense of style. She is one of the most well-known Instagram influencers because of her millions of followers.

This New York-based Russian fashion blogger is well-known on television. Her Instagram photos and videos are the foundation of her social media presence. You must visit her profile on various social media sites if you’re looking for excellent styling advice.

11. Polina Proshkina

Polina Proshkina

Social Media Followers: 1148

Polina Proshkina is one of the greatest Russian fashion blogger in New York who has established a name for herself despite being relatively new to the field. Polina is a stunning woman who is frequently invited to New York Fashion Week and offers some of the greatest styling advice for women of all ages.

She is well versed in trends that are related to fashion which is why she has gained the popularity that she deserves. She is highly skilled at putting together a complicated ensemble. Therefore, Polina, a fashion influencer and blogger, is steadily consolidating her position as a major force in the industry of style and sophistication.

12. Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva

Social Media Followers: 14 million

The next one on the list is another great Russian fashion blogger in New York Vera Brezhneva. She continues to work in all of these vocations with ease and prodigious talent. She could not have amassed more than 2 million Instagram followers if that weren’t the case. Her fashion aesthetic sense and ingenuity are remarkable.

Her outfits have consistently occupied a special place on her admirers’ style inspiration boards. Many people nominate her as one of the coolest and steadiest women on the internet due to her amazing tailored style and excellent sense of jewelry and accessories.

13. Liza Gysévskaya

Liza Gysévskaya

Social Media Followers: 193k

At MBFW Russia, a 25-year-old blogger from St. Petersburg named Liza Gysévskaya attracted our attention every day with her stylish, sought-after attire. It makes sense that she owns and operates Comme une Fille, a vintage store.

With an engagement rate of 6.7% on Instagram, Liza happens to be one of the best and the topmost Russian fashion and beauty influencers and bloggers in New York. She is also the founder and editor in chief of a famous fashion magazine called Walled Magazine.

Wrapping It Up!

In case you were looking for the best Russian fashion blogger in New York, I hope that this blog has been of help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know. All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then drop your queries and suggestions in the comte box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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