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Educationby Mashum Mollah02 February 2017

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Writing essays is an important skill that people need not only to get good grades at school, but also to succeed in every possible field in life. Enhancing your writing skills means improvement in expression, increased chances at getting a better job and improved communication skills with other people. This may sound exaggerated at the moment, but essay writing can certainly prove to be extremely beneficial in terms of academic success, work success and even relationships in life. However, no success in life comes without effort.

Practicing your essay skills is crucial in learning to be a profi writer. The biggest advantage of deciding to become a better essay writer is that this is not only a skill you need to learn step by step, but can also turn out to be really fun. The best writers say that writing is not only their job, but their favorite thing in the world, too. As long as you write about what you love, learning to write good essays will never be a boring task.

There are many blogs you can find online that can help you reach the point where you are a profi in writing essays. Let us introduce you to the 5 top blogs you can use to improve your essay writing skills:


The person behind one of the most popular advising online blogs is Julie Petersen. This project was made in order to provide people with ideas and writers’ experience on academic writing.

The biggest focus of the blog is set on essay writing. If you have a look at this blog, you can expect to find plenty of writing samples, educational tips, helpful study recourses, latest news in the world of education, reviews of online writing companies, etc. Generally speaking, this is the blog where a student can find everything they may be looking for when in need of some writing guidance.

The goal of the creator of this blog is to assist people in becoming more confident in their writing skills. If you want to learn how you can tell your own story and do so in an interesting and inviting manner, this is the right place to get your ideas and improve your skills.


Kibin Essay Writing is a regularly updated blog with educational articles that will enhance your writing skills. Whatever the type of essay you need to write is, you can find plenty of helpful articles on any topic. Additionally, you can use their articles with essay topic ideas for inspiration and start practicing your writing skills from there.

This blog offers the opportunity to use their professional, human essay-editing tool, go through 500,000 documents that will help brainstorm the essay topic and even use the thesis builder to create your thesis step by step for free!


Paying a price of only $25 for a month for unlimited number of writing tutorials is way too low a price for enjoying the advantage of using the writersdigest.com blog. You can get access to this website from any place with an internet connection and start to learn the best tips to improve your writing skills.

The library of Writer’s Digest is filled with tutorials that cover every topic, including essay writing. Additionally, you can find information regarding self-publishing, getting an agent, building a platform tips etc. The website now has over 300+ tutorials you can watch.


With over 3 million visitors from all over the world, this is one of the top 5 blogs that tutors students in writing skills. The founder, Janine Anderson Robinson is a credentialed teacher and a journalist that coaches students to write better essays. The blog on Essay Hell is visited by millions of people, which makes this person one of the foremost experts on essay writing coaching.

Other than learning from the regularly updated blog, students can also pay for private or group tutoring with Robinson. There is a choice between a one-on-one Jumpstart Session or Editing and Reviewing assistance, where Robinson provides personal feedback via video recording.

Smart Study

Smart Study is our fifth blog choice that aids people in boosting their writing skills. On this website, you can find educational articles regarding ways of writing essays, use some of the 1000+ open textbooks and even get some essay ideas by using the Eureka feature.
Aside from writing tips, the blog offers career advice, study abroad options, productivity page and student resources.

Amazing writing skills are your secure path to success. Learning how to write well is important not only in education, but in every area of the human life. If you are a student and need to learn how to write essays for your school, these blogs will help you achieve better grades. Additionally, this technique will later help you get a better job position and reach higher on the career scale.

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