6 Ways Online Tools Made Case Teaching Better

Educationby Ariana Smith08 December 2021

Online Tools

The past couple of years has shown that, when used correctly, technology and digital tools can help transform the education system for the better. While traditional teaching and learning are still very much present in the current education system, they have evolved and adapted to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

A great example of the efficient use of online tools to enhance the learning process can be observed in case teaching. Case teaching focuses on exposing students to case studies from the real world. The focus of this learning model is on reflection during the process of solving the problem. The aim of this is to teach students how to think critically and solve any problem they might be faced with. By doing this, students will be prepared to take on any challenge or a new job that might appear.

1. They improve work in small groups

Working in small groups is key in the case of teaching. However, the design and the arrangement of traditional classrooms made it difficult for students to gather in small groups and discuss. Digital tools offered a solution to this problem.

Professors can set up various small group chat rooms, link them to the main one, and set a timer for them. During the assigned time, students can express their opinions freely, and look for solutions for the problem presented. Once the timer is over, all groups return to the main chat room, where they get to share the conclusions that each team has reached.

2. They improve students’ ability to communicate effectively

Case studies are problems with various correct answers. The purpose of case teaching is not to find the right or wrong answer but to communicate effectively with your team. Once you establish your team’s position regarding this matter, you need to successfully convey your findings to the rest of the class.

To support your affirmations, you can use online tools such as diagrams, dynamic tables, and other interactive elements. The visual stimuli can help to capture the viewer’s attention and interest and to support your claim.

3. They help make lectures more engaging and entertaining

3. They help make lectures more engaging and entertaining

Compared to traditional learning approaches such as lecture and essay examples, reading, or presentation, case teaching encourages students to actively participate in class discussions. This method helps students learn actively, more engagingly, and entertainingly.

Online tools such as interactive activities and exercises, videos, or peer discussions helped better case teaching by offering practical alternatives. These practical alternatives can create and support an immersive teaching and learning experience.

4. The tools help the students be more prepared

Service that definitely helps students write better essays it’s Top Writers Review. Similarly, online tools available on the educational platform help solve a case. Offering students the possibility and the tools to try and test their hypotheses and analysis before class can help boost their confidence and set a better dynamic once the actual lecture starts.

Online tools can help enhance individual preparation by offering learners initial feedback. These can then lead to an ampler class discussion and a more engaging class.

5. They offer a better overview of a student’s understanding

5. They offer a better overview of a student's understanding

Another great use of online tools for improving case teaching is the fact that they offer a better overview of a student’s comprehension. The educational platform of the university can help provide analytical data regarding the status of a student’s assignments.

An incomplete assignment can signal a lack of professional time management or a lack of proper understanding of the lecture. By having access to this information, professors can adapt the content of the case and the assignment accordingly.

6. They helped use the time efficiently

Another great advantage of using online tools to make case teaching better is that they help use the time more efficiently. By undergoing the initial analysis of the case individually, with the help of the tools provided, the time saved can be used more efficiently for activities like discussions and debates.

This part of case teaching is the most time-consuming, so having more time can only help reach more complex and complete answers.


Finally, digital tools helped make case teaching better by creating a more engaging environment. This way, small groups of students can work efficiently, exchanging ideas and reaching a conclusion much faster.

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