5 Ways Military Veterans and Their Spouses Can Pay For College Education

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Military Veterans

There are several different ways that military veterans and their spouses can pay for college.


The first way is the state-funded benefits and resources like the grants for military vets and spouses. There are a lot of different benefits that are available to the families including the children of the veterans who might be disabled, deceased, missing in action, or a prisoner of war. Of course, the amount of the grants for military vets and spouses will depend on the state that you live in or the state that the person served in. It might take a little bit of research to figure out which one of the grants that your family will be eligible for.

GI Bill:

The second way is the post 9/11 GI bill. The GI bill got some modifications after 9/11 to include some benefits of the military and their families. Therefore, it helped to strengthen some of the benefits for education along with the military personnel. The provision is included that the service members can share all of the benefits with their immediate family members. Of course, with anything that the government does, there will be some limitations but for the people who will benefit from this, it will be very valuable to these people. If the service member only uses a portion of benefits, then they can be transferred.


The third way is through the military spouse career advancement accounts. Military spouses can get up to $4,000 if they are trying to pursue an associate degree or credential for employment. This program will have some limitations to it too. The service member of the spouse will need to be active duty and meet of the rank requirements. The other limitation is that the program of study will need to be completed within three years. But this is a great program for someone who is wanting to pursue a better career so they will need to further the education that they have.


The fourth way is with the Dependents Education Assistance Program. The dependents of the military member will have up to 45 months to use the benefits of the program to get on the job training, certificate programs, degrees, and apprenticeships. Also if the right requirements are met, then you will be able to take a correspondence course along with a refresher course. This is also a program that is available to the family members or spouses that survived after a service member who died while they were in active duty. You can check out the website for the DEA financial program if you would like more information.


The fifth way is through assistance that is related to the branch of the military that the service member is in. Each branch was a variety of different programs that are available for their families and the personnel. All that you will have to do is to contact the local assistance program for your particular branch so that you can find out more information. It is important to remember that each branch will have its own limitations, rules, and requirements for the programs that might be available to you and your family members.

These are the top five ways that Military Veterans and Their Spouses Can Pay For College Education.

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