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Snapchat agreed to pay a thirty-five million dollar class action settlement in regard to resolving claims that certain features of their application violate the biometric privacy law. The class would consist of people who broke the biometric privacy law.

Keep reading till the end to find out more about the Snapchat settlement!

Snapchat Settlement In Illinois

Snapchat Settlement In Illinois

Snapchat, a popular video-sharing platform operated by the Snap Inc., enables its users to choose to apply lenses and filters to enhance their videos before sharing them publicly or even sending them privately.

However, their platform did violate the rules of BIPA, which stands for Biometric Information Privacy Act. It requires the companies to take steps in guarding the biometric data, including obtaining of written consent prior to collecting information.

It also requires providing written guidelines on how the information will be stored and destroyed.

Eligible People For Claiming The Reward

Eligible People For Claiming The Reward

The only eligible people for the Snapchat settlement Illinois are the residents of the same (Illinois) who used the “Filters” and “Lenses” features of Snapchat from the snapchat settlement payout date – 17th of November, 2015, till November 17th, 2022.

The class members who submitted a timely and valid claim were automatically eligible to claim a form of a payment from the settlement fund. There are no payment estimates available for this, though!

Process Of Filing A Claim

The site to directly filing a claim for the Snapchat illinois settlement is ( though, as of now, the settlement has closed down).

If you are a settlement class member, you must complete and submit a claim form to ensure you receive payment. You can download the Claim or even request the Settlement form at their toll-free number (844) 939-4343.

To ensure your claim is valid, you must ensure that it is signed accurately and aptly under the “penalty jury” for submission on time.

What’s The Catch In Being A Part Of It?

Unless and until an individual opts out of the settlement, they will not be able to sue or be a part of any other type of lawsuit against the Defendant regarding the issues pertaining to this case. That includes any form of arbitration, proceeding, or litigation. Unless one excludes themself, all of the judgments and decisions by the Court will bind them.

The Class Action Settlement Release and Agreement is also available up on their official site’s Important Documents page.

The Class Action Settlement and Release would provide an individual with a more in-detail information regarding the particular descriptions of the released claims. A person could even opt to talk to a law firm that will be representing the settlement class for free.

How To Get Out Of The Settlement

For exercising the right to be excluded, as a member of the Settlement Class, one must timely send an individual a written letter requesting the exclusion from the Settlement of the Action to the Class Counsel and Settlement Administrator providing with their:

(i) full legal name

(ii) their Snapchat username

(iii) email address

(iv) personal attestation that they have lived in the state of Illinois for atleast a period of six months during the Class period.

A request that is not sent individually to the designated recipients in the class notice shall be excluded. Or even the one that is not postmarked within the specified time period shall also be considered invalid. Hence, the person serving such a request will still be considered as a member of the Settlement Class and shall also be bound by the Snapchat settlement if and when approved.

Will the general people get lawyers?

Will the general people get lawyers

The Court has appointed the following lawyers as a Class Counsel for representing all of the Illinois Snapchat settlement class members. The general people will not be charged for these lawyers. Hence, if you as an individual want to be represented by a lawyer, then you may need to hire one in order to appear in Court at the expense of your own.

The Class Counsel would request thirty-five percent of the settlement fund to be distributed among the lawyers as a means of fees. It will also be paid as a reimbursement cost for them. The court will decide on the amount of expenses and fees to be awarded.

The Class Counsel will also request for an Award of $2000 dollars be paid to each of the Class Representatives for their services as reps on behalf of the Settlement Class.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)!

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the Snapchat settlement:

1. How to get my Snapchat settlement?

A: If you are a Settlement Class member, you must submit a completed Claim form to get a payment. If you approve your settlement, it will become final and effective. You would also remain in the Settlement Class and receive your payment.

2. What happens if the people of Illinois do not participate in the settlement?

A: If you are a Settlement Class Member and do nothing at all, you will not receive the payment or any benefits from the Settlement. Further, if you do not actively exclude yourself, then you will actually be bound by the judgment that would be entered by the court.

3. Why is this considered a class action?

A: Typically, in a class of action, the persons referred to as the “Class Representatives” can opt for suing on their behalf and other people with similar claims.
All of the people who have similar claims to the Plaintiffs are called as “Settlement Class Members, except for those who actively exclude themselves from the “Settlement Class.”

4. If someone excludes themselves, will they still get the payment?

A: People who opt out of the Settlement Class are automatically deemed ineligible and will not receive the payment.

To Wrap It Up!

That was all for information regarding the Snapchat lawsuit & Snapchat settlement. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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