The Greatest Estate Developer- A Korean Webnovel  

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The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer is a Korean web novel written by BK__Moon and illustrated by “Manggi.” It was initially serialized as a Naver series from the 3rd of June 2019 to the 12th of November 2020.

This was later adapted into a manhwa by Lee Hyun Min, the illustrator being Kim Hyunsoo. This began on 5th of August, in the year 2021, on “Naver Webtoon.” You may get this on several online reading sites like Webtoons and Mangaowl.

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A guy named Kim Suho is a broke college student who is struggling to make his ends meet. He is desperate to turn his life around by earning a degree in civil engineering.

The journey for him is not that easy as he suddenly wakes up one day and finds himself inside the fantasy novel that he had been reading religiously every night.

There he wakes up as Lloyd Frontera, who is one of the worst side characters to ever exist. He is a lazy person who is very hot-headed and gets his family on the brink of ruin due to the enormous amount of debt that he owes to people.

Very luckily for the Frontera family, Suho refuses to give up on Floyd. He decides to end the Frontera family’s woes by utilizing his studies in Civil Engineering.

With the brain of an engineer and the heart of an entrepreneur, he sets out on a journey to build a better life for himself! You would need to read the web novel to find out if he even achieves his goals of becoming the world’s best engineer.

Main Characters  

Here are the main characters of the Korean web novel The Greatest Estate Developer:

1. Kim Suho (Lloyd Frontera)  

Kim Suho

Lloyd Frontera is a leading construction engineer responsible for Frontera County’s development. He is also the eldest son of Marbella and Arcos Frontera. The character of Lloyd is also the main protagonist of The Greatest Estate Developer.

Lloyd is known to have green eyes, fair skin, and brown hair, which he mostly sweeps to one side. He has also been repeatedly described as having a face that is equivalent of a lowly servant. He is considered so unattractive that the character of Javier Asrahan is frequently mistaken as a noble in his place. Also, he is also considered conventionally unattractive by every person that he speaks with.

Before the arrival of Kim Suho, Lloyd was seen as an extremely rude, temperamental, and violent person who only took advantage of his nobility by regularly tormenting the people. He lived his life not doing any work.

This personality changed a lot after the influence of Suho. While they still maintained the element of Lloyd’s stubborn nature. He still remained somewhat selfish while adopting Suho’s morals and values. He strives in becoming the the worlds best engineer throughout the series.

2. Javier Asrahan  

Javier Asrahan

Javier Asrahan is a loyal knight of the Frontera family. He is also shown as the deuteragonist of The Greatest Estate Developer. He mainly acts as the personal guard of Lloyd and is accompanies him on every occassion.

Javier has pale skin, sharp eyes, and long eyelashes. He is also shown as someone who has messy, short hair and bangs that reaches down to his eyes. On several occassions, he has been noted as being conventionally attractive by various characters in the series.

Due to this, he is frequently mistaken as a nobility in place of Lloyd. As a knight, he has a very muscular build.

Javier has a typical serious and calm demeanor. In the series, he is shown to have a very strong control over his emotions and thoughts. When faced with an unprecedented situation, he likes observing how things will play out rather than interfering without having a proper course of action.

3. Ppodong  


Ppodong is an extraordinary hamster who is capable of growing to great proportions with the help of red sunflower seeds.

He was the first ever creature that Lloyd Frontera summoned, and he remains a loyal construction servant to him.

Ppodong is shown as a fluffy, small hamster with shining brown eyes and blushy cheeks. He has a tuft on the top of his head, on his chest, and inside both of his ears. He has two prominent frontal teeth that sit over his bottom lip.

Ppodong is shown to be very loyal to Frontera and is frequently shown sitting atop Lloyd’s shoulder. He works very diligently and is always ready to assist Lloyd – whether for construction or in combat situations.


Here are a few reviews by people who are current readers of the webnovel the greatest estate designer:

“This story seems like a generic isekai at first glance main character gets transported into a novel he is reading as a douchebag character and uses his knowledge as an engineer to live the good life, but the difference is the execution of these tropes to make an excellent comedy. The game menu narrator is sassy, the pretty boy protagonist is used as a work mule and straight man to the whims of the main character (Lloyd), and Lloyd is strong but never brute forces his way through a situation and instead uses his wit to achieve his goals.” – WalterEgos
“This manhwa is without a doubt a masterpiece. When I first started this, I was genuinely expecting some other backwater hick isekai, but wow was I wrong.” – The DarkClown
“Unique for sure. It's an isekai but its not the typical isekai where the main character turns into some crazy powerful warrior. Instead,, the main character turns into a real estate developer in a medival historical setting. I did not think I would like this at first but I definitely was surprised.” – XDZO

To Wrap It Up! 

That was all for information regarding the Korean web novel The Greatest Estate Developer. Thank you for reading up till here. I hope you found the information helpful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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