What Is A Karen Haircut? Top 10 Karen Hair Trends You Need To Avoid!

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Karen Haircut

The Karen meme has become more popular with the increasing number of videos posted on social media platforms where privileged and entitled white women demean others in society. Want to know more about Karen haircut? Read along!

Women, mostly in the US, have been recorded on CCTV cameras or mobile phone cameras regarding their privileged attitude while complaining about the little inconvenience they have experienced. The term has become ubiquitous, and people often use this term, especially in recent times.

It is quite easy to behave partially toward one’s convenience. However, it is important to be empathetic towards others. Karens, especially women, are not considerate towards others’ welfare and well-being.

Karen haircuts have originated from this perception that women carrying specific hairstyles symbolize Karens in society. The vibe is pretty close to domineering and neglectful with others.

I am not saying you become a Karen just because you sport a similar haircut. It is about the vibe you give the other person when they complain against them or misbehave at the slightest crisis.

The term “Karen” was first used in the film Mean Girls, where the character Karen Smith played by Amanda Seyfried, asks another character Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan, “So if you’re from Africa, why are you white?”.

It was responded to by Gretchen Wieners, a character played by Lacey Chabert, by saying, “Oh my god Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.” Karen originated from this perspective where the entitled white woman is demeaning others.

Often, we don’t realize that we are being rude to others just because we experienced a little inconvenience due to them. That attitude among us is addressed with the term “Karen”! So you want to know, what is a karen haircut? It is from this perception that the name Karen haircut came up for the look.

What Is A Karen Haircut?

What Is A Karen Haircut

It all started with a white woman calling the police on a Black Man, creating a scene in Central Park on 25 May 2014. The woman, Amy Cooper, was tagged as Karen. It was turned into a meme that was posted on Reddit. The meme started getting buzz between 2016 to 2017.

Another video became popular online when a woman leaned on a car so the driver could not find a parking spot. The internet popularly targeted her as a Karen, even though the moniker is the term for privileged women demeaning others.

Reason Why It Is Called A Karen Haircut!

“Karen” is a name given as a title for white entitled women who like to complain about everything that causes them a little convenience. “Call the manager” is a phrase that the so-called Karens in society use to complain about their rights.

The privileged women are modernly outspoken and are still quite narrow minded concerning race, ethnicity, labor policies, etc. They might be living in this modern world, but they are still dominating, rude, and unempathetic toward the poor, weak, and powerless.

You can encounter Karens around you very often and it leads to questions regarding why they are different from the rest of us? Why has there been a haircut named after them which reflects on their personality? Is there a reason the Karen memes are so prevalent in today’s world?

If you evaluate the classic “Karen” then she is an entitled, rude, bossy and middle-aged woman! Therefore, her hair is a certain type so, you can identify it as Karen-esque which gives you a vibe of her snootyness along with rude behavior.

Top 10 Karen Haircut You Should Avoid!

One thing is for sure; you will never look good in a Karen haircut! It is not just a look but a vibe where a little inconvenience is made into an issue. People like to be told what to do, and we are no exception!

In most cases, the haircut has sharp layers which mostly look unkempt and ugly! You will get a feeling that the woman does not care how she looks. At times, they are fighting without any justified reason and they pick up fights with anyone and everyone!

One such individual is Kate Gosselin who is a prime example of Karen behavior, a TV personality who has often been perceived as rude along with a haircut which has been continuing for years. Her haircut is also one of those which I will be discussing in this article!

In this article, I will highlight 10 Karen haircuts you should consider to avoid being typecast into a Karen!

1. Reverse Of The Classic Mullet

The reverse mullet is the typical karen cut haircut that is identified and highlighted across the internet as the perfect look for a Karen! The style has long side swept bangs and short layers with texture in the back.

Kate Gosselin has been seen sporting this hairstyle, and her demanding personality fits the definition of a Karen. She has been known to be rude and awful. You want to avoid carrying this hairstyle as it defines your personality as a dominating personality.

You can instead go for a pixie cut that will soften your face and make you look less authoritative. It will also need less maintenance. Hence, you can try this out !

Reverse Of The Classic Mullet

2. Stiff Curls

Stiff Curls

Stiff curls are another look that defines the personality of Karen, where thick curls and sections in haircut are curled. They are then sprayed with hairspray to an extent where the curls are unmovable!

How fun! Even though the hair looks glossy, it is Karenified, as it is relatable to women who express themselves as entitled. Madonna sported this look and came across as a total Karen during the screening of 12 Years an enslaved person leading to the staff at the Alamo Draft house asking her to leave.

You can instead try to curl your hair without adding the hairspray! It will make you look more human and approachable.

3. Too Much Volume

It is an all too familiar look we have all seen on the internet, especially when Karen is spotted! It was in 2014 when a Reddit user posted a video of a white woman who called the police on a Black man without any problem. Thus, Karen was spotted!

Amy Cooper was Karen, who sported a haircut with too much volume. Understanding what is voluminous and too much of it is important to avoid giving off a Karen vibe.

Do not blow dry your hair too much at the crown because it does give a Karen vibe. Instead, try to have choppy bangs or tousled waves along with a bob cut which will frame your face.

Too Much Volume

4. Brassy Color Hair

Brassy Color Hair

Dear Karens, can you please tone your hair once you bleach it? Trust me, no one looks good with brassy colored hair! It is a sign of neglect if your hair has become brassy, and you must do something about it.

The look is creepy, ladies! You can have any skin tone, but you will still need to look more natural with the brassy color. A small piece of advice to you, use blue toner so that the orange in your hair can be covered in the Karen hairstyle! Or use purple toner for the golden and the yellow hues.

The natural hair pigment must be highlighted with the correct tone so that it is the right tone that suits your skin tone. Keep in mind that not all toners work on all hair colors!

5. Spikey Cuts

Karens have a perfect look when they sport spikes in their short hair. The look is highlighted where you can use hair spray, which will harden the spikes giving a horrendous look. So you need to steer clear of this haircut!

You can instead have laid edges or undercut bob, which will look very appealing! The haircut will enhance your look, especially if you have big eyes.

Spikey Cuts

6. Super Flipped Ends

Super Flipped Ends

This look has flipped ends, which is very relatable to the 80s look but does not look good. The style needs a change, especially because the flips are pretentious, so you must drop it.

One of the most relatable Karen haircuts is the Super Flipped ends. Instead of getting flips, you must have lengthy hair to style it in a ponytail. You will look so much more presentable.

7. Contrasting Textures

At times, having contracting colors can impact the look of your face. If you have straight bangs on the crown of your head and there are teased layers with spikes, you have a Karen look. This look is mostly used for straight and curly hair. You have to let it go!

The haircut can be modified with teased, sleek hair by giving texture to the hair.

Contrasting Textures

8. The Plastic Bob

The Plastic Bob

The look is very Karen, giving a sleek perception of the hair enclosing the face. Further, it is also stiff, which comes from straightening the hair. Avoid the karen haircut at all costs, as it will not give you much of an appealing look.

Victoria Beckham has sometimes sported this look and occasionally carries the Karen vibe. If you say it is convenient, get a bob with subtle layers without oil. The hair will look more presentable.

9. Pixie With A Deep Side Part

The haircut with pixie requires hair gel and spray, as it will create spikes that will give you a scary look. It would be best if you stayed away from this look.

To try a spike cut, you must have a high bun, an undercut bob, and a faux hawk. The hawk cut will be fashionable and edginess; thus, it will turn heads.

Pixie With A Deep Side Part

10. Over Layered Cuts

Over Layered Cuts

This haircut has layers, but it is pretentious, especially because Karens go overboard with this look. At the top, the volume is so heavy that it looks like they are over-styling the hair.

Make the texture into a chunky short haircut with soft layers. The over-layered cuts are quite old-fashioned. Try something new, ladies!


So, having a Karen haircut is less disturbing than having a Karen personality! You must not have certain Karen tendencies or encourage: showing temper, using rude words, practicing control, and forgetting that the world does not revolve around you and others!

I suggest dropping the Karen haircut and attitude because being kind does not require effort! All you need to do is empathize with others in your surroundings.

Comment below to tell us about the specific Karen haircut irritating you the most!

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