25+ Butterfly Haircut That You Need To Try This Year!

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Butterfly Haircut

Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Well, worry not; I have a list of the coolest butterfly haircuts for you. It is appropriate for women as compared to men. Read the article to learn about different types of butterfly haircuts for women!

It is quite popular among young women, but it can still be tried by older women too! A butterfly haircut’s look is versatile and fun for women of all ages. The look has gone viral from TikTok, and it is unique with a diverse look for women.

I am creating a list of butterfly haircuts that are both creative and innovative. Keep reading to learn about different cool options and decide which one you want!

25+ Butterfly Haircuts That You Need To Try This Year!

There are different kinds of haircuts with a representation of a butterfly haircut that creates a different look on your face. The front and back section of the haircut is feathery and has a wispy feel. This look also gives volume to your hair!

The trend picked up in the past year and has been going on since 2023, especially in the U.S. Getting a basic butterfly haircut is quite affordable, yet if you keep adding different features, it might cost a little more. The most common price of a haircut is $70.

The look you will get is shiny, smooth, and clean, and it can be carried daily without regular maintenance. The butterfly haircut female can be both trendy and a simple look that tends to be both casual and stylish.

Are Butterfly Haircut In Trend?

Women on Instagram and TikTok are all sporting bouncy bottom layers called butterfly haircuts! It is becoming trendy, and slowly, different elements are getting added with bottom layers such as shags, blowouts, choppy, flipped, and others.

After reading this article, you can’t miss the inspiration to get the haircut and get some wavy and curly textures. These textures will look better with the layered nature of the haircut. Read about the top 25 coolest butterfly haircut types which you can try!

The coolest butterfly haircuts you would want to adorn are right here! You will find it all here, from medium-length butterfly haircuts to butterfly haircut short hair. I will discuss the different types of butterfly haircuts so that you know which will suit you!

1. Midi Butterfly Haircut Retro Chic

Midi Butterfly Haircut Retro Chic

If you are going for a retro vibe, this haircut is for you! The butterfly haircut is positioned in the middle. However, this look requires your hair length to be beyond the shoulder.

When you’re planning to get bouncy, lad looks, butterfly haircut is one of the best. It is quite trendy along with the shags that are present in between.

2. Highlighted Ends With Long Butterfly Haircut

If you have longer hair, you can get this haircut without experimenting too much with your looks! The long hair will have the butterfly effect along with highlights at the ends, giving a fine and delicate look.

There are top players done accordingly which give you a fluffy look. If you are planning to get a look with bouncy and volume and is here, you should get bottomless.

Highlighted Ends With Long Butterfly Haircut

3. Blunt Cuts With Butterfly Front Layers

Blunt Cut With Butterfly Front Layers

The length of the hair is to your armpit, where the butterfly cut is performed to create layers. Once the layers are done, your look will be further enhanced with the blunt cut of the hair.

4. Butterfly Cut With Midshaft-To-Ends Layers

This mid-shaft to ends layer creates a voluminous look where your hair texture is enhanced. The butterfly haircut will have sections from the middle of the hair length to the end.

Another approach for a stunning haircut is maintaining the initial locks till your chin. It is one of the most mind-blowing looks that women can carry nowadays. Based on your preferred length, you can maintain the bounces.

Butterfly Cut With Midshaft-To-Ends Layers

5. Butterfly Cut With Middle-Part

Butterfly Cut With Middle-Part

The layered hair is further integrated by enhancing the texture of the medium length butterfly haircut. You will get a wispy look once you get this haircut, and your face will be framed with this haircut.

If you want a haircut with flowing lace, you can try the ginger butterfly hairstyle. There are several features such as top and bottom cascading down.

6. Blowout Butterfly Cut

The butterfly haircut in this style is a new take because the blowout further increases the hair’s volume and texture. The wispy look creates effective volume, and this haircut is perfect for women with long layered hair.

Based on the length of the hair, you can implement this hairstyle. You can either keep it at your neck length or have a long lead look.

Blowout Butterfly Cut

7. Chin Length Layers With Long Butterfly Cut

Chin Length Layers With Long Butterfly Cut

The haircut has butterfly layers starting from chin length and is perfect for round faces. Chin-length sections can further enhance your look.

8. Springy Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is perfect for a face-framing look with a shorter version of the butterfly cut. The look is great for women who have dense hair. The look is bouncy, supporting trendy or cool looks for women.

Springy Butterfly Cut

9. Choppy Butterfly Layers

Choppy Butterfly Layers

You have to be fun-inclined if you want this haircut! The butterfly cut is choppy, while the fuzzy texture is created with butterfly layers.

You can also add layers without sacrificing the volume of the hair by implementing a butterfly cart that has intense layering. Girlies, if your style is to have both short and long hair, this is the haircut you should have.

10. Highlights With Butterfly Layers

You can have butterfly layers along with highlighting the ends of the hair. It will look cool, especially if the highlights are blonde. If you have lengthy hair then the long hair butterfly haircut is perfect for you.

Highlights With Butterfly Layers

11. Butterfly Cut With Bangs

Butterfly Cut With Bangs

The layers created from butterfly cuts make a voluminous look to the hair while adding bangs to the hair.

If you have a busy lifestyle, you can still afford this hairstyle because it does not need high maintenance.

12. Short Butterfly Haircut

The butterfly haircut short hair looks pretty nice on round faces! If you have a round face and big eyes, this is the perfect haircut for you to have.

Short Butterfly Haircut

13. Bleached Butterfly Cut

Bleached Butterfly Cut

If your hair is blonde, it can be bleached, and you must maintain the hair properly. With the bleached look, the butterfly layers enhance the color and look.

14. Messy Wavy Butterfly Haircut

The haircut is wavy, and you can mess up once you get the butterfly layers from the haircut. Women with elongated faces will look perfect in this hairstyle.

Messy Wavy Butterfly Haircut

15. Straight Butterfly Hairstyle

Straight Butterfly Hairstyle

If you have straight hair, you need to have the butterfly hairstyle because it creates beautiful layers in your hair.

16. Butterfly Haircut With Intense Bottom Layer

The butterfly layers haircut will look beautiful, especially if you have intense bottom hair. If the bottom layer of your hair is voluminous, you can have this haircut which also looks sensual! The layers must be defined in the lower part. The layers have a softer feel to them in this haircut.

Butterfly Haircut With Intense Bottom Layer

17. Ginger Butterfly Hairstyle Flowing layers

Ginger Butterfly Hairstyle Flowing layers

The look with ginger butterfly hairstyle flowing layers differs greatly from other butterfly haircuts. The cut has been done where the layers are cascading down with seamless locks.

18. Hair Wispy Butterfly Haircut

You can have a wispy haircut and butterfly layers, making it a little difficult for upkeep. You cannot always maintain the wispy look in this haircut.

Hair Wispy Butterfly Haircut

19. V-shaped Butterfly Hairstyle

V shaped Butterfly Hairstyle

Women with super thick hair will look nice with this haircut. The Movement and the shape of the hair will gain volume with the butterfly cut.

20. Shoulder-Length Butterfly Haircut

If you have shoulder-length hair, this look is perfect for you! You can color your hair blonde or brown and have the layers of the butterfly cut frame your face. The bottom strands graze your shoulders, creating volume and bounce in your hair.

Shoulder-Length Butterfly Haircut

21. Extra Flipped Up Butterfly Cut

Extra Flipped Up Butterfly Cut

The butterfly layers in the hair can be flipped, enhancing the texture of the hair regardless of the type! This cut will help improve your look, giving you a wispy look.

22. U Haircut With Butterfly Layers

The first step is to have a U haircut along with adding butterfly layers, enhancing the texture of the hair and boosting the volume. The type of butterfly cut that will suit this haircut will improve the hair volume.

U Haircut With Butterfly Layers

23. Retro Vibes Butterfly Layers

Retro Vibes Butterfly Layers

You can keep your bangs and make them shaggy by styling them upward. This look is along with lavish curtain bangs, which are created in such a way that it will give more volume in the front!

24. Shaggy Bottom And Polished Top Haircut

The haircut has two types of approach where the top of the haircut is polished and well maintained while the bottom is shagged! The look is made to make the hair at the lower portion choppier. It gives Movement and volume to the lower portion of the haircut.

Shaggy Bottom And Polished Top Haircut

25. Feathery Face Framing Along With With Taupe Butterfly Cut

Feathery Face Framing Along With With Taupe Butterfly Cut

The taupe butterfly cut is an airier cut where the bangs are on one side, framing the face. The butterfly cut is further down below in sections with a wispy finish.


Please read the article to learn about the trendiest butterfly haircut out of many!

Comment down below about your favorite haircut and why.

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