20+ Edgar Haircut Men Should Try This Year!

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Edgar Haircut

The Mexican take on the Caesar haircut is the Edgar haircut and was initially supported by Latina boys. The front and the side of the haircut on your is shortly trimmed, and the back will be either tapered, undercut, or faded. So you ask what is an edgar haircut? Keep reading.

You can add fringes or bangs based on your preferences. However, to have this haircut, you need courage; only some people are confident enough or comfortable enough to carry it. This haircut is called Takuache haircut, meaning “possum” in Spanish.

20+ Edgar Haircuts You Should Try This Year!

This haircut is gaining more popularity in these times, and with good reason, especially because it is quite easy to maintain but still looks very stylish. After sporting the look, you will also look very intense in character and edge.

The Edgar haircut makes face Types such as pointy features and oblong or oval face shapes look very flattering. As a man, getting one of the Edgar-styled haircuts will further enhance your look. There might be unevenness in the hairline from this haircut which looks quite stylish.

The look is unique and intense, and the length of the hair has no limits. You can go as short as you like! This haircut makes your jawline more chiseled and elongated.

Especially if you have small hair, you can rock this look easily. It is also perfect for those who are probably victims of receding hairline.

What Is An Edgar Haircut?

Anthony Reyes, a barber, shared a video where he gives someone a haircut that resembles the Edgar haircut. This video became viral, after which the backstory of the haircut was traced. So it happened when a young fan of Baseball player Edgar Martinez played in Major League baseball.

The baseball player has been a third baseman and a former Seattle Mariners hitter with this hairstyle on his head. Therefore, the name of the haircut started from the name of the player and now is one of the coolest and trendiest haircuts in recent times.

Do you want to know which one of the Edgar haircuts you can try in 2023? It is one of the coolest looks you can have this year! Let’s read about 20 types of Edgar haircuts you can choose from.

1. Classic Edgar Haircut

Classic Edgar Haircut

A Mexican haircut, the classic Edgar haircut, is one of the simplest and most traditional haircuts. It has a high bald Caesar fade along the smoothly blended sides to the front and top of the head. The front hair is bluntly cut.

2. Taper Fade Edgar

A clean and sharp cut in this haircut is a significant part of Taper Fade Edgar and is quite popular. This haircut is neat at the sides, while the haircut gradually tapers up at the back. The style is to keep the thickness of the hair at the crown of the head.

If you are looking to get your boy’s beautiful head card, here we are bringing you some of the best Edgar style haircuts. This is something that transcends generations for its earlier and versatility.

Taper Fade Edgar

3. Mullet Edgar

Mullet Edgar

The hairstyle collaborates with the Edgar haircut and classic mullet in the Mullet Edgar haircut. Mullet requires small hair, while with Edgar, the cut is sharp and short, along with an angular shape.

The haircut is edgy and unique, and you can carry it confidently as a man! When combining the two haircuts, your look will be versatile and bold.

The origin of the style of haircut comes from Mexico, and has now become a global sensation.The haircut is edgy and unique, and you can carry it confidently as a man! When combining the two haircuts, your look will be versatile and bold. It is distinct from other haircuts because it brings together a spectrum of variations along with style.

4. Edgar Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut and Edgar were quite popular in the 90s. The look has a straight fringe along with the bowl-shaped cut, which is all around the head. In recent times, in fashion circles, the haircut is coming back into fashion. The haircut has a retro or aesthetic vibe.

Edgar Bowl Cut

5. Curly Edgar Haircut

Curly Edgar Haircut

To have an Edgar haircut, it is optional for you to have long and straight hair. You can have curly hair for the curly Edgar haircut, which will look stunning. The haircut has a certain appeal and plenty of character. This haircut also accentuates your face shape.

There are details in each of these haircuts from becoming cute confusion and individuality along with prominence. You can go from Shaw pillars to framing the faces with vibrant hues in your hair.

6. Messy Edgar With Colored Ends

This haircut is appropriate for men who prefer more than constant maintenance of their haircut and hairstyle. With a disheveled look, why don’t you try out the messy edgar look along with textures in hair?

You can add locks to the haircut along with shades of color. The strands are highlighted, giving you a cluttered yet hot look. Go on, live a little!

Messy Edgar With Colored Ends

7. Short And Spiky Edgar

Short And Spiky Edgar

If you like short hair, the spiky and short Edgar is for you. You will have an undercut from the two sides, while the front will be sharp and edgy. You will be getting complimented for sure.

Rebellious Lee S thetic is the definition of this haircut or at times you can use it as a symbolisation of youth culture. You might find it conventional, if you are an old school guy, but if you groom it properly, you will look good in it.

8. Bald Fade Edgar Hair

The bald fade haircut for men is perfect for ultimate sharpness, especially if you want an edgier look. The haircut also has the fade higher while it is the top haircut to show sensitivity.

If you are someone who sweats a lot, having shorter sides will help you in the long run. A lot of people are adopting this haircut especially with the unique visual, it creates with shorter sides and top.

Bald Fade Edgar Hair

9. High Fade With Edgar Haircut

High Fade with Edgar Haircut

The haircut will get you noticed; that’s my promise! The textured top will give you a military look along with the style, which creates an overall sober look. If you add a little stubble on your face, it will just make you look more edgier.

10. Choppy Edgar Hairstyle

For a choppy hairstyle, you ask your barber to create texture on the crown of the head along with the side fades. You can add a hairstyling product like a gel to enhance the choppy layers. You will only need a little time to style with small hair.

Choppy Edgar Hairstyle

11. Drop Fade Blunt Bang

Drop Fade Blunt Bang

The haircut has bangs that contrast with the traditional edgar haircut. The blade of the hair is created so that the fade compliments the face.

You can embrace a personalized form of haircut with this. Less maintenance and more sustainability is the end product.

12. Edgar Boys

This haircut is specific for boys or young teenagers with textured locks that will be voluminous on the crown of the head. The boys with this look will sport a fluffy edgar haircut. It will also give the young boys an interesting and edgy look.

Edgar Boys

13. Super Short With Line Design Edgar

Super Short With Line Design Edgar

If you want a sleek and polished look, you can have the Edgar haircut Takuache style, making your look more interesting! The hairstyle is asymmetrical.

Other Alternative Options To Have As An Edgar Haircut Are:

  • V-Shape At The Nape Edgar
  • Cascading Mohawk Edgar Haircut
  • Comb over Soccer Style
  • Brush Back Undercut
  • Side-Swept Fade Edgar
  • Fluffy Edgar Haircut
  • 70’s Edgar With Shaved Design


The looks are cool, aren’t they? Why don’t you get an Edgar haircut with a blunt bang or a cascading mohawk and see how it looks? With men getting more fashionable haircuts, it will be a bonus for us women to ogle at you!

Let us know in the comment below about your choice out of the 20 Edgar haircuts that we have discussed with you.

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