5 Steps To A Professional Fashion Style

Fashionby Mashum Mollah12 March 2021

Professional Fashion Style

After brushing your teeth in the morning, choosing your outfit is one of the biggest decisions for the working day. The clothes you wear set the tone for the day ahead and are often the first thing that someone notices about you. They can affect a variety of things, including your confidence, attitude, and performance, so it is key to establish your professional style.

Here are the steps that you change your fashion sense and make you look the one and only in the crowd.

1. Set A Wardrobe Standard:

Ask yourself what you want your wardrobe to say about you and what it wants from other people. This could be influence, recognition, or respect – the choice is yours.

Think about your wardrobe standard and note some pieces that could help you towards achieving it, such as a tailored blazer, fitted jeans, or designer loungewear for days in the home office.

Keep this in your wardrobe to remind yourself of how you would like to present every day.

2. Get To Know Your Body Shape:

Professional style comes in all shapes and sizes, so the key is to know your body and how to make clothes work for you rather than against you.

When it comes down to women’s body types, there are typically five types of body.

  • Hourglass
  • Inverted triangle.
  • Rectangle
  • Pear
  • Apple

The goal here is to understand your body shape and put on clothes accordingly. This might not be your style. But trust me, you might become someone; inspirational in the style industry.

3. Define Your Personal Style:

Personal taste is necessary when you are fashionable; however, sometimes you need to forget about your fashion taste and need to look for things that actually look good on you.

Whenever you find something that looks good on you, try to ask yourself why these clothes look good on you, find the element of truth, and incorporate it with your other clothing.

There are so many ways you could do this – create a Pinterest board, identify a celebrity whose style resonates with you or make a physical mood board.

4. Detox Your Wardrobe:

Determine whether your current wardrobe aligns with your professional standard and your body shape. If not, you might struggle to find the best clothes to wear on a regular basis.

Remove clothes that are not fit for your body shape from the closet and only put only those garments that compliment your body shape and fuel you with confidence.

The bin or sell on anything you haven’t worn in over 2 years, including too big or small pieces.

5. Shop S.M.A.R.T:

According to Luxury Fashion Market, your shopping habits define your lifestyle. If you spend the majority of your time in a corporate space, you are missing the basic work essentials, like blouses, black slacks, and sensible footwear. It’s time to shop with S.M.A.R.T intention.

Stay in control:

Shop the store and remember that it’s ok to leave empty-handed if something doesn’t grab you.

Make a most-wanted list:

People are known for the types of clothes they wear. Identify your cloth persona and carry it as you own it.

Avoid impulsive buying decisions:

If you wouldn’t have paid full price for it, you don’t like it as much as you think.

Read the reviews:

When shopping online, go through the reviews to see what other customers think can really influence your decision.

Take some of your own items with you:

This can help you to complete an outfit or match a hard-to-wear piece.

Most of these steps take effort and don’t have to carry a high price tag. By working through these steps and putting in the effort, you can commit to developing a professional style that is authentic and reflective of you.

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