Fashion Tips To Embrace Your Curves

Fashionby Mashum Mollah12 November 2020

Embrace Your Curves

Are you a fashionista? Every woman likes flaunting sparkly dresses, high-waist denim, and the ‘never-getting-old’ off-shoulder trend. But unfortunately, some women struggle with self-confidence when it comes to following the trend. You can Embrace Your Curves and can make it your style statement for yourself.  Perhaps, due to a specific body image or because of plus size. In the 21st century, fashion is not about being size zero; it is more about self-love. Believe it or not but being plus size or curvy can’t stop you from looking beautiful.

More than the size you wear, it is about how you wear it. Whether you are large or plus size – you can rock every outfit by flaunting those curves. You can pull off the newest fashion wrinkles in the industry since fashion has become a state of mind rather than the size range. Thus, say goodbye to oversized clothes and slide into the outfits with the right fit to highlight the correct angles. After all, skinny is not another word for gorgeous anymore.

Brands are already breaking beauty taboos with real-body campaigns where they celebrate every woman with perfection. Therefore, it is time to accept your body and feel confident about it. If you are skeptical about it, let us help you out. Here are six fashion tips that can help to embrace your curves.

Here are Fashion Tips To Embrace Your Curves:

1. Shop Wisely

Styling and fashion are not about inches or weight; it is more about your body shape and how you carry yourself. Hence, find your body shape – apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, etc. to determine which piece of clothing looks best on you. Women who have a rectangular body shape can experiment with square necklines, pencil skirts, or long dresses. Whereas if you have a pear-shaped physique, opt for matching separates to get a slimming effect.

With a keen understanding of body shapes, you can pick out silhouettes that create a striking balance. If you don’t know where to buy plus size dresses or tops, look up online to get the perfect attire. Today, brands are explicitly catering to plus size women, giving you plenty of choices.

2. Learn the Art of Balance

Do you know what balance means in the fashion industry? It is a concept of visual equilibrium – an understanding to make your body look proportionate. For instance, pairing a loose top with boyfriend jeans won’t be the right choice. Instead, you should wear fitted pants to look slimmer and leaner. In short, plus size women have to strike a balance between the upper and lower body. Let us explain how.

  • Create an in-shape silhouette with leg jeans and pants.
  • Pull off an A-line skirt with a crop top to highlight your curves.
  • Get flared plants with appropriate length, long enough to hide your heels. It would elongate your legs, making them look leaner.
  • Build a wardrobe with color tones that work with your complexion.

3. Embrace the High Waist Trend

Unsurprisingly, high waist pants are your best companions, especially if you are conscious about the tummy. It tucks in the fat and minimizes your muffin top since they end at the slimmest part of the waist. Moreover, make sure these pants are long enough to finish at the lower leg or underneath. An understanding of where hems or borders should be on your body can help in lengthening the frame. If you are wearing a high-waist skirt, it should sit right under the knee and never around the calves bulky part. After all, having an eye for detail can help you make impeccable style statements.

4. Highlight the Best Features

Every woman has some favorite body features. Some love their expressive eyes, while others want to flaunt their long legs. When it comes to selecting the right dress, look for pieces that emphasize your key features. If you have a full rounded behind, wear skinny pants to accentuate it. Likewise, if you have hourglass-shaped curves, pull off some cut-out dresses to flash some skin. Besides, if you want to emphasize the waist, get yourself a belt. It creates an illusion that you have a thin waist, helping you hide all the belly fat. Go easy with every outfit to look graceful, complex, and powerful.

5. Accessorize to Suit Your Look

Despite your body shape and size, accessories can make or break the look. From necklaces, bracelets, shoes, bags, to belts – make sure to accessorize every outfit. Stack up bangles and bracelets on your wrist for a bold look; otherwise, opt for simple rings for a subtle look. If you have a short neck, use long chains to create unbroken lines along your body. Similarly, if you wish to appear taller, lengthen your silhouette with a pair of high heels. If you feel conscious about your apple-shaped body, carry a big tote to divert attention from your weight.

6. Find your Style & Inspiration

Surprisingly, fashion can be a confidence booster as it holds the power to make people feel good about themselves. Solid colors and some cuts do make the body look thinner, but does it complement your style? Honestly, sacrificing your style sense for the sake of looking skinner can shatter your self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, look for inspiration and discover a kind that makes you feel confident, regardless of whether it is a solid color or not. Color has nothing to do with your style and personality.

Final Thoughts

As a curvy woman, you might have fallen victim to body shaming. If you talk down yourself about plus size, others will too. Hence, become your biggest fan, keep your head high, and make this world your oyster. Look yourself in the mirror and embrace every bump and curve in your body. After all, the style has nothing to do with size, so feel free to dress up the way you want. You can flaunt your shoulders in a cold-shoulder dress or elongate your legs in a knee-length skirt.

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