Ways to Protect Your Clothes in the Closet

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Some of your clothes cost a lot, and you want them to last long. When using them, you’re careful not to get stains on them. You also use the right detergent to prevent bleaching when washing. However, even when not using your clothes, they could still get ruined. You need to follow these tips to protect your clothes when stored in the closet for a long time.

There are some clothes, which mean more to us than others. For example, our wedding dress, or our kids’ first school dresses, or even the beloved family Christmas pajamas. All have a lot of meaning, sentiment, and emotions attached to them. It is necessary that we protect these priceless pieces of our life with the utmost care and concern. In the following section, we are going to list some ways you can protect your clothes and ensure they stay fresh and away from damage at all times.

Use cedar

When placing your clothes in the closet for an extended period, you might notice a musty smell. It’s due to the mould that grows on clothes, especially when absorbing moisture. To prevent this problem, you need to use cedar. There are cedar hangers and accessories that help absorb moisture and keep your clothes from smelling bad. Dryer sheets might also work. You just need to not let them touch the clothes to prevent leaving unwanted deposits.

Use an insect killer

Insect damage is quite common if you rarely use the closet. Insects easily get startled when someone opens and closes the closet. Leaving it untouched for a long time allows the furniture to be a breeding ground for insects. Moths are among them. You might think that they only get attracted to certain types of fabric. The truth is that it’s your body oil that attracts them. The same holds true for other insects. The worst part is that even if you don’t see some insects, they might already have laid eggs. You won’t notice the problem until the eggs hatch, and insects infest the closet.

There are plenty of insect killers that you can use. Some of them are specific to the insect, such as rats and moths. Make sure that these chemicals don’t do anything to damage your clothes. If kept inside the closet for a long time, you should ensure they don’t touch your clothes. Otherwise, it could lead to damage.

Don’t use wire hangers

It might be convenient to use wire hangers, but it’s not advisable. They might have rust that could stain your clothes. They could also tear the clothes with pointy edges.

In some instances, these hangers can only hold a certain weight. If it goes beyond the limit, they start to droop. The clothes lose shape and become shabby. Invest in quality hangers. Plastic hangers are an excellent option since they don’t easily bend, as long as they’re of top quality.

Fold the clothes properly

Some fabrics are easier to fold and won’t do anything to harm the clothes. Others create permanent creases and folds. Use hangers in this instance to ensure that the clothes don’t get crumpled. You should also keep sufficient space between the clothes.

Regularly rearrange your wardrobe

The biggest issue happens when you leave the wardrobe untouched for a long time. Make sure you rearrange the clothes regularly. Opening them prevents foul odours from staying inside. You can also check if insects are crawling around. Besides, you need to organize your clothes properly to find the ones you need quickly.

You can consider a fitted wardrobe to help you with organizing your clothes. They might cost a lot but are worth the price.

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