How to Keep Vintage Clothing Looking Great

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Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing has never been so popular, and despite what some people may say worn well it can suit just about anybody; it isn’t just a look for the younger generation it really can suit everyone. It’s true to say that vintage clothing can look truly stunning, in fact just as good today as it did back in its day, but this is only the case if you take good care of each item. Make sure that you follow any cleaning instructions carefully, clean your garments after each use and store them carefully away so that they are ready for the next time that you want to use them. You are sure to turn head wherever you go and people might even stop you and ask you just how you keep your vintage clothes looking so good.

How to Keep Vintage Clothing Looking Great:

Seams and Buttons:

Before you clean your items of vintage clothing it is worth checking to make sure there is no damage. Check that all the buttons are sewn on properly. Turn the garment inside out and check all the seams very carefully to make sure there is no damage. If you find any weak spots they should be mended before you wash the garment otherwise you could risk damaging them further. Ideally, you should mend any damage to the seams using a hand sewing machine but if you do not have one then it is worth hand stitching to mend the damage. It is also worth checking the hems whilst you are doing this to make sure they are still all in place.


Treat you vintage clothing carefully, handwashing is recommended as this is much gentler than using a modern washing machine to clean your garments. Allow items to soak in lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent for up to half an hour. Gently scrub any areas of soiling. Rinse the garment and then squeeze out any excess water; do not wring or twist as this can damage the vintage fibers and break them. Dry your garment flat or on a coat hanger. Do not be tempted to use a tumble drier. Check the garments care label to see if it can be ironed if it can make sure that you keep your iron moving so you don’t scorch the material.


Once your items are fully dry, and ironed if appropriate, the best way to store them is in individual garment storage bags, this will ensure that they won’t suffer from mildew or pick up dust in-between wears. AS well as making sure that the garment is fully dry before you store them away, make sure that you store them in a dry wardrobe as well. If you have a lot of vintage garments make sure that you do not cram them too tightly together in your wardrobe. If you do not have a lot of space then it could be a good idea to consider using cheap storage locally to store your out of season clothes, as there are plenty of self-storage options out there.

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