Which Fashion Styles Are Resurging in 2022?

Fashionby Sumona22 March 2022


2022 looks promising when it comes to trendy fashion pieces. And with the pandemic measures finally relaxing, we can start dressing up again. Although this year’s runways are filled with futuristic, alien-like moments, the 60s, 90s, and 00s are making a major comeback.

Mini skirts, platforms, western boots, and low waistlines are all there to bring us back to life again. There’s more, but you’ll have to keep reading discover.

Top 14 Resurging Fashion Styles in 2022

1. Western Style Resurgence

Western influences – cowboy boots, hats, fringe, and studs made their way into street style again this year. Searchers for western footwear have been on the rise this winter, particularly for western boots.

Cowboy boots have been finding themselves on and off of our shopping lists for the past couple of years, but in 2022, they’re back in the spotlight.

What’s more, there isn’t only one style outshining the rest. Whether you love classic brown and black soft leathers or metallic silver or even green with embroidered flowers, all fit in with this resurging trend.

2. Lower Waistlines Are Back

What goes up must come down applies to fashion trends. Although high-rise trousers don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, low waistlines à la Britney and Christina are making a big comeback in 2022.

3. Tiny Hats Comeback

3. Tiny Hats Comeback

This season is all about fitted beanies and skull caps, especially for men. Caps cuffed tight to head with no hangs are on the rise this year. So, don’t be surprised when you see an increasing number of people wearing them on the streets, in the movies and TV shows, and finally, on social media.

4. Large Bags Trending

Before the pandemic changed everything, lovely but impractical tiny purses had a big moment. However, now, it’s time for bags to become functional again. That means larger bags with more storage.

COVID-19 has proved that comfort and convenience can coexist with style, and bags in 2022 will start to reflect that too. At the very least, they will have enough room for a phone and wallet.

5. Sporty Sandals Are Here to Stay

5. Sporty Sandals Are Here to Stay

The comfy sandals trend isn’t slowing down. They are once again stealing the spotlight, as seen across the runways of Chloe and Stella McCartney. We can’t complain as this trend is both fashionable and utilitarian.

When you combine chunky soles with super comfy neoprene fabric and practical velcro straps, you get sandals that satiate the need for both comfort and style.

They are incredibly versatile, meaning there are no strict rules when it comes to combining them with your clothes. Whether you prefer relaxed jeans or a tight dress, these comfortable flats will complement them perfectly.

6. Platform Heels Are Still In

Dominating the catwalks from Ermanno Scervino to Sportmax, the platform heels prove that we’re ready to dress up again. Inspired by the 90s, this footwear style trend is here to stay this year.

Pair these stylish heels with a printed midi or bold mini dress and a colorful clutch for a maximalist look. Or, if you’re on the subtle side, combine them with jeans, an oversized shirt, and chunky gold jewelry.

7. Gladiator Sandals Are Coming Back

7. Gladiator Sandals Are Coming Back

Gladiator sandals are making a comeback once again this year. Although these sandals never go out of style, they aren’t always considered a major trend. However, 2022 is the year of the gladiator, so you might as well add a pair of gladiator sandals to your wardrobe.

These sandals are defined by their multi-strap details, and we saw all kinds for spring/summer 2022. From statement knee-high models to more practical ankle strap designs, there’s a gladiator sandal for everyone.

8. Lace-Up Boots Are Back

Although we’re heading towards the spring, don’t pack your boots away yet. The 90s are back, and so are the lace-up boots as a fashion requirement. Spotted at Louis Vuitton, these boots are an effective way to add an androgynous finish to a feminine look.

9. Mini Skirts Resurgence

9. Mini Skirts Resurgence

The mini skirt is here to stay in 2022. Super-short hems dominated the fall 2022 shows and the street style in major fashion capitals. Not just there, it’s happening on the consumer side as well. Data from ShopStyle shows that interest in mini skirts has increased by 25%, and it’s the perfect time for it with the temperatures rising and spring/summer collections arriving in stores.

You don’t have to go full micro to join this trend though. Most of the styles are leaning more towards mod. But there are many naughty references too.

10. Vintage Pieces on High Demand

Although you can see many 90s and 00s references on current catwalks, vintage pieces are growing in popularity too. Nostalgia is here to stay. The 00s resurgence is the playful remedy to dark times we’re emerging from. It’s in sync with the current spirit of challenging your signature aesthetic and feeling wild.

11. Corset Tops Big Comeback

grayscale photos of five camisoles

Although corsets have been trending for some time now, there are no signs they’ll be slowing down. Corset tops took over the spring 2022 catwalks, including names such as Givenchy and Balmain.

You can combine this stylish piece of clothing with jeans for a casual look or layer it over a dress or a shirt.

12. Mod Graphic Prints Growing in Popularity

Graphic prints have been on the rise last year in various forms, from retro florals and artsy motifs to checkerboard prints. The mod is coming back this year, bringing with it colorful, geometric prints to the front line.

These 60s patterns are followed by other mod trends, such as mini skirts, polos, and knee-high boots. The choice is yours – you can style them with modern, androgynous pieces or keep it classic with a shift dress or sweater vest.

13. Twee Aesthetics Comeback

Tumbler popularized this hipster aesthetic during the late 00s and early 10s. Twee style includes vintage blouses, collars, bows, cardigans, and bangs. Particular objects, such as typewriters and teacups, also became associated with this era. Inspired by mod styles of the 60s, twee also includes accessories like berets, hair bows, satchels, and belts.

14. Styles Are Endless – The Choice Is Yours

Western boots, gladiator sandals, mod graphic prints, low waists, high waists, platforms, flats – it’s all there in 2022. A year where everything is possible when it comes to fashion, 2022 brings us back a bit of everything.

As you can see, styles from various eras are coming back this year. The 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and even 10s are finding their way into runways and our wardrobes. We can safely say 2022 is a year where you can match the unmatching and still look stylish.

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