10 French Words To Describe Style And Fashion

Fashion by  Arnab Dey 09 February 2022


Are you looking for ways to describe style and fashion in the most romantic language? If you are looking for some French words, let’s talk about them in the segment below!

But let’s first have a sneak peek at what the French language is about:

French, also known as the Romance language, is the language of the Indo-European people. It is also known to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

French, when spoken, sounds beautiful as well due to its nasal vowel pronunciations like, ‘un,’ ‘in.’ Also, 45% of today’s modern English words have come from French origin.

Today, it is an official language in more than 25 countries and is spoken in almost 53. It is one of the most widespread languages in the world.

10 French Words to Define Fashion and Style Most Uniquely!


The fashion of a person is what describes the person. It defines the personality and can be seen as self-expression. Your fashion tells who you are and what type of story you carry.

And style is something through which one expresses their self. Fashion and style are important because it defines the culture of your country.

Coming to our main topic, here is a list of 10 French words that Defines fashion and style

1. Dress and shirt


There is a wide variety of words to describe shirts and dresses in English. When it comes to French, it is Le robe for the dress and Le Chemise for a shirt. If you are looking for the perfect fit for you, look at the French clothing by Blue Illusion.

2. Scarf, gloves, coat


French people can be cautious when it comes to dressing when going out. They dress in the chicest and rich style possible. When it comes to describing it, they describe it as most beautiful.

They refer to scarf as L’echarpe and to gloves as les gants. They describe the word coat as less manteau. Also, Un manteau is called the coat worn in heavy winter.

3. Shoes

Shoes are most important when dressing up fashionably. The French call it Les Baskets for sneakers and Les bottles for boots. The basket here is used to define the sneakers.

4. The bottoms

When it comes to the bottoms, it is also supposed to be in fashion and style. The French call the pants Le panto, and Le short in English is called shorts.

5. Special Gathering Costumes

The special gatherings are when people dress up for special events and when all the attention is on you. For example, tuxedos and suits, which we wear to special events. The French call Le costume to the suit and Le smoking to the tuxedo.

6. Beach wears


Even though the beach is for relaxing and bathing, fashion is also needed. The French people call the bikini Le bikini, and the bathing suit is called Le maillot de bain in French.

7. Accessories

It is essential to give a finishing touch to your fashion and style, like, for example, tie and belt. The tie in French is known as Le cravate, and the belt is known as Le ceinture.

8. Underwear

Underwear shopping is done in a loop, and people also love to buy fashionable ones. The word underwear in French is called Le slip. Bra in French is called Le soutien-gorge, and the women’s panties are called la culotte. Whereas when it comes to men’s underpants, it is called Le Malecon in French.

9. Earmuffs and Knit hat

The earmuffs are one of the trendiest fashions when winter arrives. The French call it Le cache-Oreilles. And hats never go out of fashion; in French, the knit hat is termed Le bonnet.

10. Woolen wear

The woolens are the dresses and the garments which are made of wool. In French, it is called Les lineages. En laine or de laine are the words that in English mean woolen or made of wool.

Final Thoughts

In easy words, fashion can be defined as a simple form of clothing but done in the trendiest way. The French people are good at this; they never overdress and do it in the chicest and most straightforward way.

They do it quite elegantly and comfortably. Starting from the hat to the shoes, they wear and carry everything effortlessly and most fashionably. Thus, what we are learning from the French is fashion should be done effortlessly and elegantly.

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