Want A Bob’s Burgers Shirt? Find Out Which Character Is Right For You

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Bob’s Burgers

Bob and Linda Belcher struggle to run their burger restaurant while their children Tina, Gene, and Louise devise schemes with disastrous outcomes – the show features humorous tales with plenty of stories, puns, and heart.

Bob owns and operates a family-owned burger restaurant in a seaside town. As a second-generation restaurateur, he is 46 years old. The show’s filled with colorful, loving characters that everyone can relate to – so which character is right for you?


And though Bob owns and operates Bob’s Burgers, a restaurant that consistently teeters on the edge of bankruptcy – he is still regarded as an accomplished chef but finds his business constantly disrupted by fires or health inspectors.

Bob is married to Linda, and together they have three children named Tina, Gene, and Louise. Bob is obviously the first choice for a Bob’s Burgers shirt, being the protagonist and all. He sports black hair, a thick mustache, and an ample beer belly; typically seen wearing white T-shirts paired with gray pants and an apron in an ensemble known as his uniform.

His naive and cheerful character stands in stark contrast with his wife’s more introverted, reserved, and sensible persona. However, she enjoys bonding with their children over games, movies, food, or singing tunes that she creates herself. She even has an uncanny talent for making up songs!


Linda is the mother of Bob’s children and acts as their cheerleader. She adores them dearly and frequently updates viewers on their antics. Tina inherited her mother’s courage in seeking what she wants – especially teenage boys – with gusto.

As with many restaurateurs, she is often anxious about keeping her restaurant afloat; keeping it running successfully is her biggest worry. Due to an allergy to shellfish, which makes attending a local seaside town’s lobster festival challenging? Edith is her best friend while Chuck co-hosts a daytime talk show with Pam while harboring animosity towards Belcher family members.


Tina, the daughter of Bob and Linda, works at their restaurant alongside Gene and Louise. She enjoys horses, boys, and writing fan fiction; Tina also belongs to Wagstaff School’s Hormone-iums musical revue for girls on the brink of puberty.

She often spreads false rumors that the food her father prepares comes from human flesh, and can quickly fall in love at any moment. She talks to inanimate objects which often surprises her by responding. Tammy Larsen is her best friend; while Jimmy Pesto of Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria across from Bob’s is her primary rival.

 sports beige T-shirts


As is characteristic of his father and mother, Gene (https://www.worshipthefandom.com/content/work-hard-or-die-trying-girl-the-gene-belcher-story-1) sports dark black hair in a bowl cut style, complete with long flips at either side of his head; he typically sports beige T-shirts, short blue denim shorts and white sneakers for daily attire. He boasts abundant body hair as well as olive skin tones.

He’s an aspiring musician, often using his Casio-type keyboard to produce fart sounds and other sound effects. He’s also a huge prankster but close with both his parents and Sister Louise.

Louise’s classmate Courtney Wheeler (known to him as “Choo-choo”) often steals his jokes and tells them before him, which drives him crazy until he finally loses it and calls her out as “Dang Chump”. They eventually date each other.

Other Characters

As much as the Belcher family is the focus of most episodes, Bob’s Burgers features many other characters whom the family interacts with regularly. Mort from the crematorium and handyman Teddy are regulars on Bob’s Burgers.

Whilst Jimmy Pesto Sr (voiced by Jay Johnston from 2011-2021) owns and operates an Italian-themed restaurant across from Bob’s. Both father and son share similar physical characteristics – black hair, olive skin tone, and body hair are shared traits by him and his family!

Lily Belcher, Bob’s late mother-in-law and paternal grandmother to Tina, Gene, and Louise was not revealed until the season 13 episode “Show Mama From the Grave”. Lily enjoyed baking as well as taking walks with the kids.

Louise is Bob and Linda’s 9-year-old daughter, and according to this blog, the show’s fan-favorite. Although she exhibits some psychopathic tendencies and enjoys creating chaos, she does care deeply for her family – according to Bob, she is his favorite child.

Theodore “Teddy” – Teddy is an arrogant contractor and frequent customer who knows and impresses the Belcher family, including lifeguarding at Wonder Wharf and appearing in an exploitation film.

Gretchen is a talkative woman with long, silky locks who sells vibrators at her salon. She’s close with Horny Dave, is friends with the Belchers, and shares their restaurant as an avid customer. Gretchen and Teddy both love line dancing!

Similar to her husband, Chuck, she enjoys the show and will occasionally mention it with coworkers. However, unlike Chuck, she doesn’t harbor animosity toward the Belcher family (at least most of the time). But this situation is complicated so far.

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