Gold Jewellery Style Edits

Fashionby Mashum Mollah15 February 2021

Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery has always been an integral part of our communities for ages, they have been a medium to save, to adorn, to exchange, and to gift too. With so much importance for gold Jewellery, designers, goldsmiths, stylists for long have relentlessly worked towards bringing out the best designs as per the taste and preference of customers. While styling is a very personal choice, it surely needs a nod or a larger platform for acknowledgement. Whether it is a new launch or the latest designer series gold Jewellery trends are always closely watched. Here are a few latest gold Jewellery edits that you can use while styling or while buying one:

Multi-use Jewellery

What would it be like if your gold Chandbali design turns to a quick stud or if your Jhumka can be matched with a random colour Kurti, or stud earrings design can be turned to dangles in 30 seconds- it would be great! Styling in seconds by drifting your Jewellery is something we would love to do in today’s fast world. Office meetings preceded by parent-teacher meeting and running towards that family dinner- all-in-one earrings or convertible chains is what makes life simpler. Such Jewellery is no longer a rarity. All you need to do is to ask your Jeweller for these pieces, they are no longer designer either. They have become common, all your go-to is to research a little, plan, and then buy.

Layering rings/Bangles

Layering rings/Bangles

Layering, not a new concept, however, what to layer is something we can juggle up based on our tastes and the items we choose to layer. Some choose to layer rings in a number of 3-6, while some go by layering bangles. There are different styles to layering – based on gold tone, based on thickness, based on size. Make layering a winsome style tip by browsing online and get used to glances.

Playing with gold tones

Gone is the time when the yellow tone used to rule the adornment world. Rose gold and white gold are the new entrants in the Indian market. Rose gold subtlety and white gold glossy finish are what makes them sought after by millennial woman. Playing with tones of gold is a new way of styling your Jewellery. Wisely select your Jewellery to ensure you add all the tones of gold. Tones of Rose gold and yellow gold blend in effortlessly with every outfit. The slight undertone of these tones is what makes them popular.

Using gemstone Jewellery

gemstone Jewellery

Another Jewellery hack one needs to look at is creating the right blend of gold and gemstones. Gemstones need not typically be Ruby and Emerald, designers strongly recommend experimenting with semi-precious stones such as Tanzanites, Tourmalines, Amethysts which have beautiful hues of red, pink, blue- they can be turned into magical Jewellery pieces that will awestruck everyone.

Pearls and Corals

Pearls and Corals

Another variation in Jewellery is the use of classic south Sea pearls and corals- their charm and vintage are timeless. Having said that pearls and coral neckwear top the list in comparison to a pearl ring or a coral bangle etc. The lustrous finish of pearls, the smooth texture of corals is hard to ignore.

Simple Blend of Jewellery items and playing the mix and match game is what we should do to recreate different styles. Hope these Jewellery edits were insightful.

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