4 Top Fashion Trends for Women in Their 30s

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Fashion Trends for Women in Their 30s

As you move from your 20s into your 30s, you might notice a subtle shift in your fashion tastes. And while age shouldn’t necessarily factor into how you dress, your relationship with certain clothes may change in an unexpected way — and that’s perfectly natural.

These days, the main dilemma women in your position typically face is how to make changes naturally, without losing a sense of personal identity. It might take some practice, but you’ll start to embrace new styles that feel right for you while ramping up some low-key sophistication that your 20s might have lacked.

As you enter your 30s — or are trudging along in the fourth decade of life — one of the best ways to become better acquainted with fashion is to take a closer look at some current trends. Here are four top fashion trends for you to watch as a woman in your 30s.

1. Classic All-Black Outfits:

Classic All-Black Outfits

When it comes to clothing, black is one of the more versatile colors for just about anything. Now, you don’t want to venture into goth territory because that isn’t what’s trending — at least not right now. However, there are plenty of ways to sport a classic all-black outfit with an air of approachable professionalism.

Wearing a fully black ensemble can also give you a confidence boost if you’re feeling insecure about your body or are on a budget and need to keep things simple yet stylish and classic. In other words, enjoy the slimming illusion and timeless elegance of black-colored clothing. Don’t want to go all out?

Simply add in dashes of this color with a scarf, necklace, or shoes.

2. High-Quality Blouses and Ankle-Length Pants:

You can take this trend in a few different directions, but the idea behind it is simple: buy high-quality pieces to create low-key, high-impact outfits.

For instance, you might choose a silky blouse in an avant-garde cut with cropped, ankle-length pants. Add a quality handbag to the mix and you can own this look that reads stylish and elegant.

Indeed, this trend screams confidence at every level. Just remember to put on your favorite sunglasses to top off a stunning outfit that is the epitome of 30s cool.

3. Lingerie and Intimates:

You might have felt shy about wearing lingerie and intimates in your 20s, but as you get older and more confident, it’s time to explore one of today’s top fashion trends.

Lingerie isn’t just about the bedroom and your partner, necessarily. Today, lingerie offers women a chance to build confidence from the basics — or better than basics, really — to your work and casual clothes and beyond.

Even better, lingerie, garters, and other intimates sold by high-end retailers can add new dimensions to your personal style and the overall sophistication you might find yourself seeking in your 30s.

4. Adjusted Heel Heights:

As you’re likely already aware, women can only wear spiked or otherwise high heels in the workplace, clubs and everywhere in between for so long before real discomfort kicks in.

Yet, if you’ve led the high-heel lifestyle throughout your 20s, you might already feel the physical aches and pains in your early 30s. You can still wear your four-inch and above heels for special occasions, but for day-to-day work and activities, you might want to give your feet and legs a rest.

Instead, opt for one-to-two-inch heels, which are elegant enough for just about any occasion.

Apart from this, you can also buy black sneakers which are very comfortable and can wear for the whole day. One can buy these pair of sneakers at “Loom,” which manufactures water-resistant shoes to support you through all types of weather and activity.

Follow the Fashion Trends That Help You Love Yourself in Your 30s-

If your 20s were about figuring out your identity and what you want in life, your 30s should be about enjoying those explorations and discoveries. Relax and wear comfortable heels and body-positive styles, whatever that means for you, and build on a foundation of beautiful intimate wear and lingerie that boosts your confidence and enhances your style.

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