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Tag Heuer

The newest watch trends never cease to amaze us, nor does luxury Swiss watch brand, Tag Heuer. With a rich history dating back to 1860, where the founder made a rapport reputation for the brand in precise timekeeping in sports and automobile rally, Tag Heuer has paced on with the changing times to beat their own benchmark. Of course, who can forget his 1887 patent on “oscillating pinion” which is still utilized by watchmakers of mechanical chronographs?

The major motive of manufacturers is to focus on constant innovations and evolving aesthetics for their brand and their brand products. The same may be in terms of their designing techniques, complexities of mechanism or anything else.

TheTag Heuer Formula 1 is a brilliant concoction of style and precision along with being the first analog series watch, which is furnished with quartz-only movement.

The Formula 1 collection is targeted towards consumers who love racing pedigree and high speed in their life. It is the epitome of thrill and momentum, which is mostly enjoyed by fans of high adrenaline sports, racers and riders. Nonetheless, it can be worn by anybody as a stylish luxury Swiss timepiece.

The Epitome of Swiss Perfection- Tag Heuer Formula 1

When it comes to the Tag Heuer Formula 1, we can safely state that it is a tough watch, both externally and internally. Its masculine design makes sure that you go all out for your motion-driven events.

Its body is made up of titanium carbide, a ceramic material, which gives a lustrous crystallized look to the watch. It also has an explicit cutting edge. Moreover, it has an easy grip on your wrist, which assures consumers that it will never ever slip out of your hand.

The screw-in crown integration gives you easy access in adjusting the date and time according to your wish, which is literally giving the control of time in your hands. Man, now that is something!

Formula 1 is not only effective for racers but it also appeals to divers as well. The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch comes with a unidirectional turning bezel, which helps divers measure diving time in an efficient manner. Being a unique feature, the bezel runs in a counterclockwise direction that ensures that drivers have their safety measures even in the time of accidents and other mishaps.

The Formula 1 watch embodies luminescent hands, which helps you look at the time when you are going through a dark tunnel, or diving deeper into oceans.

The extendable steel bracelet makes sure that it fits every wrist and the double safety clasp holds on tight so that you never bear the risk of losing your watch.

For every watch lover and people who fancy something shiny, something smart, scroll down to view some of the special editions of Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 S3 Watch:

We all know that special edition timepieces, which Tag makes are a tribute to a special event. Their Formula 1 S3 watch was one of the groundbreaking space themed watches to set the foundation of the Formula 1 collection.

Although the main objective of the S3 watch is to give you an experience of zero gravity at the least price, it really comes with an interesting story where pilot John Glenn experienced zero gravity for their first time in his spacecraft ‘Friendship 7’, when he was orbiting the earth three times. And guess what? He was wearing a Heuer 2915A!  It is now famed as being the only boarding pass you need to get on a flight (That’s really bizarre!)

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Special Edition:

Tag Heuer keeps on amazing their soft spot holders with bringing new colors to their showcase. The special Gulf edition is one of them, which was specially designed to give a toast to the victory of Gulf Oil of Le Mans, France in the year 1968.

The design on this particular watch reminds us of the Ford GT 40, which actually won the race. The watch itself measures in about 43mm and it comes with an electric blue aluminum styled bezel, which gives it a stunning appearance.

Now moving on to its calibre, the moment you hold a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Special edition in hand, you can actually see that the date window sits at 4 o’clock, which is unusual but pretty much out of the box.

It is one of those collections, which historically hold the quartz chronograph movement options. With that said, it is also likely that it is definitely a strong point of their product due to its chronograph functioning accuracy of up to 1/10th of a second.

Blue Bucherer Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch:

In January 2019, we saw Bucherer, one of the most famous retailers forge a partnership with Tag Heuer to launch the latest addition to the Tag Heuer blue series, which is a precedent of Tag Heuer sports watch series. However, this Blue Bucherer watch holds a different persona in the sports world.

Unlike other sports watch, its steel body paired with a classy blue dial is an eye-grabbing sight for any sports lover, one of the major reasons because it breaks through the stereotype automotive themes of the other Formula 1 watches.

Moreover, with an ETA 2824-2 base, it gives up to 38 hours of power reserve, which is quite good for a sports watch in such an attractive price point. It also comes with two changeable straps, which both come in stainless steel bracelet and blue rubber strap. Swap your style statements anytime you want!

Therefore, no matter which watches of Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection you love, which color suits you best, which style matches your vibes; you’ll find it all under the brand Tag Heuer and we would love to see some on your wrists too.

Let us know which watch you’re going to choose by leaving a note in the comment section below! Happy Watching People…

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