The Importance Of Ring Sizing: Getting The Perfect Fit

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Importance Of Ring Sizing

Wearing a properly sized ring is important for many reasons. It needs to be comfortable to wear and fit your finger well without squeezing the skin around it. It’s also a security issue because rings that don’t fit can easily slide off and end up lost. Incorrect sizing can also hurt your finger or damage the ring. If you’re curious about how to find the perfect fit, we have you covered!

Factors Affecting Ring Size

It’s important to note that your ring size can fluctuate based on varying factors. Temperature, time of day, medications, weight fluctuations, activity level, and what you’ve had to eat or drink can affect your finger size. Cooler temperatures cause fingers to shrink, while warmer temperatures cause them to swell. Similarly, the time of day plays a role. A snug ring during the day can be too tight later when the fingers are more swollen. Your finger size is most stable after lunch and before dinner, so these are great times to measure.

It’s also important to note that wider bands (from 6mm) generally fit more snugly, so consider ordering a quarter to a half size larger if you plan to buy a wide ring.

Resizing Options

No matter how carefully you measure, your ring size can fluctuate over time, and there may come a time when you’ll need to get a ring resized. Most rings, including diamond engagement rings, can be resized within a few sizes.

While it is generally alright to move some sizes either up or down, it’s recommended to stick within the size of two fingers. Resizing a band or ring that exceeds two sizes can be too risky. And the simpler the ring, the easier it is to resize.

In order to decrease the ring size, the designer carves out a piece of the band, forms it back into a perfect circle, and then solders it back together. Once the process is finished, there’s no evidence that the ring was ever cut.

Making a ring larger is more complicated than making it smaller. It describes the jeweler expanding the metal and generally might only be done up to a size larger or its half. To resize the ring or make it larger, the jeweller then cuts the band along with adding extra metal. Then, the wedding band is soldered, cleaned, and polished.

Rings That Are Difficult To Resize

While most rings can be resized, there are some rings that are more challenging. For example, an engagement ring with an eternity band that has gemstones all around the band cannot be resized because the process will destroy the line of stones. Some metals don’t do well with resizing either, so you’ll want to ask a jeweler about resizing options before committing to a ring.

Getting The Right Measurement

To ensure an accurate size, you can either visit a professional jeweler, try an at-home method, or both. Try using one or more than one ring size method for approaches like “measure twice, cut once.” It helps you to find the right ring size. It’s a lot less trouble when you carefully calculate your engagement ring size in order to prevent resizing in the near future. Given below are some ways to determine your ring size:

  • Get the measurement of another ring that perfectly fits your finger: for this, you might want to take a ring and later compare it to the chart to determine the best fit.
  • Make use of a paper strip: Look online for a paper strip to print out and measure your finger. You’ll simply rip the ruler and take it alongside your finger in a wrapped position. Check whether it is a snug fit or not, and then use the paper strip lines. This will tell you your exact ring size.
  • Optimize a dental floss or sting: Use a piece of floss or string and tie it to your finger gently. Highlight the place exactly where the floss or string confluences. This is the place you have to measure to get an approximate size of finger rings.
  • Head to some nearby jewellery shops: In shops, measuring ring size is usually free. Hence, there is no requirement to get pressured to purchase anything. Just pop in, measure your finger size with a mandrel, and further, end up purchasing your wedding band. This is the most accurate ring sizing option.

Online Shopping Considerations

To ensure a comfortable and secure fit, use a couple of different at-home sizing methods to find your ring size. Remember, you can always go to a jewellery store for ring sizing as well if you wish to confirm your size and then shop for jewelry online.

As you browse different retailers, note their policies on resizing, returning, and exchanging. Some jewellers offer free ring sizing if needed, but it would be helpful to know about this prior to purchasing your ring.

Selecting The Right Ring Size Is Crucial

Your ring size can fluctuate based on temperature, time of day, food and drink consumed, etc., so measure after lunch or before dinner for accurate sizing. While most men’s and women’s rings can be resized within a couple of sizes, getting the correct size is best.

You can always head to a professional jeweller for an accurate ring size measurement. You can also try some at-home methods. If you’re solely choosing the at-home method, try a couple of methods to ensure the ring size is accurate.

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