How to Set Up Your Very Own Home Office

Home Improvement by  Ariana Smith 20 February 2019

Home Office

With the world of work digitizing and more and more tasks moving into the online space, it’s not irregular in the 21st century to work from home – whether freelancing permanently or as a break from the company office. In these circumstances, our productivity while working at home is boosted by our ability to work comfortably and efficiently in a space that’s well-suited to the tasks at hand.

There are, however, many distractions when working from home. While you may envision working with your favorite Netflix series running in the background, this will only lead to distractions that’ll cause issues. To help boost your productivity here’s the best way to set up your home office.

Pick a Room:

Your first step is to decide upon a room in your house that you’ll be converting into an office space. Now, it should be acknowledged that many homes simply do not have the space to support permanent office space. In this case, it’s advisable to make one of your rooms a hybrid. A spare bedroom can double as an office space, as can a dining room that’s only used for special occasions.

Whatever room you choose, make sure there are enough plug sockets to plug in your electricals, and that you’ll have enough space to set up a laptop and some files. You will also want to consider:

  • Natural light (the more, the better)
  • Nearby distractions (is it by a busy street?)
  • The room’s temperature (does it stay cool in summer and warm throughout winter?)

Buy Equipment:

A home office doesn’t need the whole plethora of office equipment that your company office does, but it’ll still need a few basics. You should ensure you buy:

  • A desk chair that’s comfortable and adjustable
  • A printer and some high-quality but cheap printer ink
  • Essential stationery, like pens, pencils, a ruler and a stapler
  • Paper, notebooks, and folders
  • A telephone with a landline attached

That’s not to mention a computer, which one would assume you already own in the form of a laptop. If you’ve got the space in your home, a desktop computer does make an excellent addition to your office space and will provide useful computing backup should you have to go without your laptop in the future.

Office Rules:

This tip might sound strange, but it’s actually the most important to think about when you’re setting up an office in your home. As your home is the place in which you relax, socialize and take time off from work, it’s somewhere that clashes with the energy and stresses that you experience when you’re working. You’ll want to isolate those work or office feelings to one room at certain times of the day, otherwise, you’ll find work and leisure blurring together unhelpfully. Consider:

  • Only using your office as an office during office hours
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol, eating food or other such activities in your home office
  • Going to your living room when you’re not working
  • Keeping your family out of your office space while you’re at work

With these rules in place, you’ll avoid the uneasy feeling that your work and your leisure time are blurring into one indiscernible whole. A home office is useful in that you won’t have to commute and you get to enjoy some extra home comforts – but you still need to ensure it’s a place you can work hard in.

Working from home is one of the much-enjoyed benefits of work in the digital age, and you’ll make your home-working more pleasant by setting up an office with the tips provided above.

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