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News by  sagnika sinha 24 July 2023

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The biopic of J. Robert Oppenheimer, directed by Christopher Nolan, released on 21st July, will be available in Imax-70mm version in only 19 theaters in the US. Across the world, there are only 30 theaters that are offering the film experience in Imax-70mm.

Considering it is the most epic form in which one can watch the film, many people in Canada and the United States must travel over three hours to access one of these movie theaters. According to the director, Imax 70mm is a great way to enjoy Cillian Murphy’s starred film.

Across the world, only 1 movie theater in Australia will give you the Imax-70mm experience. 3 movie theaters in the United Kingdom will offer its audience the Imax-70mm experience. The Czech Republic has 1 of those, while Canada has 6 movie theaters providing a spectacular experience.

It is an experience that people will not get if they watch the film at home. An epic way to make it memorable because Nolan and his team used custom-made Kodak film and Imax-specific cameras to shoot the movie.

The film’s version has a higher resolution than the digital version. Hence, it will require a taller aspect ratio. However, not all theaters can give you the best experience, as not all projection systems will work effectively. You need to check the options’ detailed rundown when booking the tickets.

The terminology regarding the film formats can be confusing. However, you must understand whether you care about the visual experience and the film’s resolution.

Imax listings will mostly be digital, while the projection systems require a taller aspect ratio, so there is an un-cropped feeling. According to the director, the horizontal 70mm film is one of the best options to watch Oppenheimer. So even if you cannot access the Imax 70mm experience, try to catch the film in Imax with Laser and Film versions to experience wonder!

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