Branding Ideas to Use Your Logos to the Fullest Capacity

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Branding Ideas

There is a lot of material out there that can help you find the perfect logo for your company. You probably have heard about a gazillion tips to create a logo that is perfect, matches your brand identity, and conveys a terrific message. But what about using your logo to a good effect? And just how many ways you can use that same logo to promulgate your business image?

Well if you are eager to get these answers then here is a quick guide that can help you determine various ways you can use logos to their fullest extent. But before we jump to the meaty part of this post, let’s establish the importance of logos and why a logo design service with Logozila can help you accomplish powerful branding for your business.

According to a recent study by Finances Online, 90% of the global population recognizes the iconic Coca-Cola’s logo, with FedEx’s logo winning over 40 awards. Furthermore, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words, which is why businesses across the world use select visuals to brand their ventures. Moreover, 91% of consumers prefer to purchase from authentic brands, and brand loyalty is 10 times more valuable than a single purchase.

With that out of the way, let’s have a quick look at the various places you can use and put your logos to get maximum impact out of them.

Here are the Branding Ideas to Use Your Logos:

Company Owned Vehicles

There are various benefits of branding your company-owned vehicles and for starters, they can create a lot of impressions for people traveling by road. Not only do branded vehicles stand out of the crowd due to their imprints, design, colorful display of visuals, but they also offer you a chance to create awareness for bystanders and onlookers. For marketers, one metric of measure is the number of impressions created.

A branded vehicle can easily create 30,000 t0 70,000 impressions daily in a densely populated urban dwelling like a metropolitan. That is easily more impressions than what a billboard with your ad can achieve. Furthermore, a branded vehicle also offers you the lowest cost per dollar for the number of impressions created, surpassing TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine advertisements.

Your Website

Living in an era where the global internet users are growing at an alarming speed and more than 4.66 billion people online, there is simply no doubt that your website needs to display your logo. When users land on your website they are greeted by your logo as a sort of a landmark, announcing to them that they have reached the official online address of your company. Furthermore, research proves that left-aligned logos perform the best. Moreover, many people use the ‘Z’ eye movement path when scrolling online, which is why it makes all the sense to put your logo on the left side of your website.

Emails, Newsletters, Envelopes, etc.

All businesses in the world seek to have a channel where they can routinely carry out correspondence with their clients, customers, business partners, and others who support their business objectives. Hence your logo deserves to be on all such mediums that help you interact with stakeholders, your employees, and external clients such as vendors and suppliers. Emails and envelopes are a given but when it comes to a newsletter or a press release, you need to step up your game and make sure that your logo is displayed clearly so that everyone can notice and familiarize themselves with your brand.

Branding Ideas to Use Your Logos

There always comes a time where a business might seek to amplify its reach through the help of promotional items and giveaways. According to a study by Industry Today, promotional items generate the highest advertising recall at 83%, which is much greater than print, television, and even online advertising. Furthermore, around 58% of consumers keep promotional giveaways for up to 1-4 years. In its lifetime a promotional item can generate thousands of impressions. 

Hence without a doubt, your logo deserves to be placed on all promotional items you plan to giveaway in your next campaign or contest. Here is a quick summary of some popular promotional items and the number of brand impressions they offer for a cost of only $1:

  • Bags – 1000 impressions (6000 impressions – lifetime)

Business Cards, Office Signs, and Banners

Business cards are meant to be small, so a lot of people might debate that putting a logo would take a lot of good space where other useful information could have been included. However, I would highly recommend that you do include your business logo on your visiting card since adept designing can help you resolve the issue of space. A business card without your business logo would simply feel incomplete.

However, when it comes to your office, you can also use your logo on office signs to remind your visitors that they are in a vicinity governed by your business. This would add to the corporate appeal. So every time you have visitors around your business logo stands out and helps in cementing the fact that they are within an office building that upholds quality services and delivers terrific products. This will make them confident to do business with you and is a terrific source of reinforcement.

Final Words 

Your business logo is more than just a combination of text and imagery. It offers you the ability to inform your customers about your business and the vision it withholds. It is a crucial part of your brand’s identity and this not all that people see but it also helps them to differentiate your business from others. I hope this post was helpful in offering you some meaningful insights as to how you should go about using your logo and putting them to good use. For more questions about the topic, please feel free to mention our query in the comment section below. For now, all the best for your future endeavors!

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