Top 5 Things to Know Before You File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Legalby Mashum Mollah31 March 2021

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Medical procedures are often expensive, especially when it involves surgery. If a complication does arise, it is painful not only physically but will also hurt your pockets. One such procedure that is susceptible to failure is Hernia Operation.

A hernia is a medical term used when organs in the human body start to protrude from the muscle or tissue walls they are contained in. Hernia mesh is a medical device that supports the damaged tissue while it heals. Since it is a foreign object in the body, chances of infection or other complications are multiplied.

Luckily, hernia mesh problems can now be taken up with your surgeon, and you can file a lawsuit to cover all your medical costs occurring after that. If you or someone you know has problems related to hernia mesh and looking to file a suit, the following points can make the process smooth:

1. Mesh Brand:

Before you file a suit, it is good to know which mesh brand was used in the surgery. This is important as it will give you an idea of where the suit is going to be filed. Although all of them are approved by the FDA, some have been subjected to lawsuits in the past as well.

If your doctor used a mesh made by these manufacturers, filing a suit and receiving compensation will be easier as they have been found at fault before as well.

2. Medical Records:

Although your doctor or the hospital will have an extensive medical record, you are also responsible to keep one. Before consulting an attorney, you must know the procedure’s dates, doctor’s name, prescribed medicines, hospital or clinic names, and all the things related to your medical condition.

This will help your attorney in investigating and presenting a proper case in court.

3. Expirations:

Hernia mesh suits can be filed within a given deadline in legal terms; it is called a Statute of limitation. Every state has its time frame in which a lawsuit can be filed; it usually varies from 2 to 4 years.

Before filing a lawsuit, consult your attorney and confirm the expiration of your hernia mesh lawsuit. If filed afterward, it will not be legally acceptable.

4. Disclosure:

There have been cases where the mesh manufacturer knew about complications and problems that could occur after the surgery but failed to disclose them.

If you or your loved one is a victim of this mistake, then your attorney can file a very powerful case against the company.

5. Experienced Attorney:

Experienced Attorney

These lawsuits take time to settle, usually more than two years. The situation is worsened if an amateur attorney is hired, they can be good, but they may be inexperienced in the suit’s inner workings. Hiring an expert attorney who has numerous successful cases under his/her belt can save you time and money.


Hernia mesh lawsuits are complicated since they are not concerned with individuals but medical devices. Hiring an expert attorney for these lawsuits can win you a favorable settlement.  

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