Tropical Storm Idalia Expected To Turn Into A Massive Hurricane And Threaten Florida  

Newsby priyanjana kar29 August 2023

Tropical Storm Idalia Expected To Turn Into A Massive Hurricane And Threaten Florida  

Florida’s Gulf Coast is expected to be hit by another major hurricane as the Idalia tropical storm strengthens to a hurricane. The Gulf Coast of Florida has started prompting warnings and evacuations to prevent any loss of lives. This is going to be the first hurricane of this 2023 Atlantic season.

Tropical storm Idalia is expected to make its landfall on the Gulf Coast of Florida on the night of 30th August. Forced evacuations are done in the coastal region of Florida to avoid major disasters and loss of lives.

Recently the Gulf Coast of Florida was hit by another Hurricane Ian that killed 150 people. Hurricane Ian was a category 5 hurricane that thrashed Florida’s southwestern region. The tropical storm moved closer to Florida’s Gulf Coast on the night of 28th August.

Residents of the region prepare their homes with necessary items and gas for cars before the storm hits the region this Wednesday. The storm is said to make landfall on the coast of Florida with winds up to 120 miles per hour.

Dan Allers, Mayor of Fort Myers Beach warns the residents during a news conference on 28th August saying, “Don’t be complacent. Don’t get relaxed.” Fort Myers town is located south of Tampa in Estero Island and suffered the brunt of Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian made its landfall on this region 11 months earlier leaving a trail of destruction on its path including the town of Fort Myers. The National Hurricane Center has predicted Idialia’s track reporting the storm will run parallel to the western coast of Florida on Tuesday.

However, it was difficult to predict the location of the storm’s landfall as a little change in the storm’s center can change its course. Governor Ron DeSantis said, “Almost every time they’ve updated this over the last couple of days, they’ve said it’s going to get stronger, So buckle up.”

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