How to Use Promotional Gifts to Incentivize Your Team

Businessby Mashum Mollah24 March 2021

Promotional Gifts

Running an effective and productive workplace be quite tasking. To do this, you have to find ways to maximize your employees’ productivity and motivate them at the same time. Recall that your team is your most important asset at your workplace, and you need to treat them well.

An excellent way to motivate them is by offering rewards and incentives for a job well done. This is something that even Fortune 100 companies do for their employees. Here is a list of promotional gifts you can use to incentivize your work team below.

Personalized Plaques Are Critical:

An excellent way to recognize your team’s hard work is by giving them personalized plaques. It can be given to just one person for their outstanding work or given individually to each team member after completing a project.

It goes a long towards boosting the morale of your team members and propels them to work harder. If you’re looking for personalized plaques, see more here.

Gift Cards and Coupons:

You can incentivize your team members by giving them gift cards or coupons to their favorite store or pizzeria. It doesn’t have to be limited to those two things either. You can also get them tickets to a sports game of their choice or concert tickets.

To make it better, you can even turn it into a team outing to increase team bonding.

Organize a Trip:

Organize a Trip

Another great way to incentivize your team members is to organize an office trip. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to an exotic location, just going to visit a tourist site in your state works just as well.

The trip helps with bonding, and every team member feels like they are part of a family, which is an excellent way to obtain their loyalty and motivate them to work harder. Add a promotional item that goes well with the trip for added effect.

Game Nights Are Fun:

Workplace game nights are an entertaining way to incentivize your team. You can have everyone participate in games one night after work. The winner gets a gift while everyone goes home with branded souvenirs such as water bottles or tote bags. Of course, you provide food and drinks for everyone.

 Office Meals Can Be Very Helpful:

Office Meals

Have meals delivered to the office sometimes for your teammates? It might be when they are working overtime to have a project delivered on schedule or just during regular work hours. This will help improve their moods and increase their productivity. Just make sure the caterer knows about everyone’s dietary restrictions.

What is great is that you can place your brand on an item such as a bottle or other items that they take home with them.

Personalized Thank You Notes:

A perfect incentive to boost your team members’ morale is by sending everyone personalized thank you notes for jobs well done. This shows that you notice and value all the work they have been putting into their work.

The notes should be sincere and should highlight each person’s added value to the team. Do this every time once in a while and watch your team’s productivity rocket. Just remember to place your brand logo on these thank you notes!

All these ideas are various ways to express your appreciation to your team for their hard work and will help incentivize them at the same time.

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