Usnotion Reviews – Is Usnotion A Scam? – Know The Reasons

Reviews by  Mashum Mollah 02 September 2021 Last Updated Date: 11 September 2021

Usnotion Reviews

Usnotion. com is an online store that sells clothes, office items, toys, electronics, household items, and many more. Now, let’s find out top usnotion reviews that will make your doubts clear regarding this eCommerce store

Usnotion is the same as Morclothes which is a scam website that fools innocent people all over the world. This store does not seem to be authentic at all. According to Usnotion Reviews, many people ordered from this store and they have not got genuine products at all. 

Online clients are encouraged not to shop from those websites that are not safe and has doubtful details on their website. While researching, we came across many websites that don’t have meaningful details on their website and no 24/7 customer support. 

Customer support is very important for online stores as customers can face any issues at any time and there must be someone to clarify the same. 

Usnotion. com – What You Need To Know? - What You Need To Know

Usnotion is an eCommerce store where you get everything related to your day-to-day life. Many beautiful dresses were listed in the store and people got attracted to the same. This is how usnotion drawn the attention of the buyers on their website.

Usnotion was selling many items at the lowest price and this led to a scammy website. It is obvious that a new online store cannot offer many discounts to their customers unless the shop is owned by a billionaire. 

On the other hand, what about customer support and social profiles? An online store that doesn’t exist on social platforms can be fake. You should not buy anything without seeking advice from the experts or from your friends or family. 

Why Usnotion. com Was Fraud?

Why Was Fraud

Usnotion. com was completely a fraud eCommerce and we have proof against the same. Read below to know.

  • Usnotion. com was not rated by users.
  • Navigation speed was poor
  • Low-quality products were delivered.
  • Delivered wrong products
  • High discounts were provided to customers which is a sign of fraud
  • The website was new and had a poor reputation
  • No 24/7 customer support available 
  • The information that was listed on the site was similar to scam websites.
  • No refunds were provided to customers
  • Usnotions. com was blocked by many trusted sites
  • The website was designed poorly

Usnotion Reviews – Genuine Customer Feedback

According to usnotion reviews, people shopping from this website ended up receiving counterfeit products or nothing at all. Even after canceling the product, they haven’t received any refund amount to their original payment account. 

Even there was no 24/7 customer support and customers faced issues while ordering the products from the website. It is always preferred to shop online from Amazon or Etsy because these are old stores and highly trusted by the customers.  

Other customers claimed that you should never buy anything from new websites that offer unexpected discounts to their customers and huge cashback offers. You should never get into a trap into a website like this.

The Final Thoughts

Usnotion Reviews claimed that the website is completely fraud and you must not have any faith in websites similar to this. The above listed are some of the top information about usnotions and you must know the same in order to become aware of such frauds beforehand. 

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