5 Ways To Gain More Instagram Views

Social Mediaby Mashum Mollah19 December 2020

Gain More Instagram Views

Since the added Instagram feature allows you to post videos on your feed, it gives you another way to increase your account’s engagements. With the right techniques, your video can gain a lot of views that can help with your Instagram’s growth and attract more followers.

With the existing algorithm, you want your videos to get on top of everyone’s feeds by keeping them relevant and engaging. This can be a bit harder if you have few followers which is a reality for everyone that is just starting to grow their account. To help you, we have listed down below five different ways that can potentially help in increasing Instagram views and all you have to do is follow them.

Here are 5 Ways To Gain More Instagram Views

Post good quality videos


This is just a rule of thumb for experienced Instagram influencers and content creators. Viewers are more likely to watch videos that are made with good quality instead of those mediocre ones. To ensure that it gets viewed, post videos that will interest most people. Stick with relevant topics to make sure that it gets viral. Originality would be a plus, too. Who knows? You might be able to start a trend with your video idea.

Use hashtags



An oldie but a goodie method. Ever since these social media platforms have started, hashtags have always been utilized to help compile posts of related content in just one section. Adding hashtags on your videos’ captions won’t cost you anything and they are proven to effectively bring in some views. As a technique, use popular hashtags that have millions of followers. Your video will then likely to show on these followers’ feeds even though they are not following your account.

Share your video on other social media platforms

Add in a bit of an effort and share your new videos on other of your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Maybe your friends and followers there will be interested in watching snippets of your content. Your videos might even get viral on these platforms.

Utilize Instagram ads

Instagram has now this feature that allows you to advertise your posts and all you have to do is pay for it. Once you have signed up for your video to become ads, they will then appear on the feeds of other users that are outside of your following. The reach of your ads depends on how much you are willing to pay which means the more you spend on it, the more views it gets.

Buy Instagram views

Another way to pay for views is by literally buying them. There are companies that offer real Instagram views and the amount depends on the package that you are paying for. You can guarantee that results will show in just a span of 24 hours. And these views are from real accounts — no bots! Remember that the more views your video has, the relevant it is, and the better chances that it gets on top of people’s feeds. If you want to know more about buying Instagram views, click this link: viralrace.com/buy-instagram-views.

This goes to show that if you want your account to grow and your brand to become successful, you have to put in more effort — and a bit of cash if you want. These techniques are proven and most of them won’t even cost you anything which means you got nothing to lose.

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