Looking For Homes In Palm Springs, CA? Here’s What You Need To Know When You Browse Palm Springs Real Estate!

Real Estateby Ariana Smith10 July 2021

Palm Springs real estate

If you are looking to move to California, then you might want to look at specific neighborhoods that are best for you and your growing family! Although many neighborhoods are good for people of all ages you should look for areas that have a good school system, safe areas, nigger houses, and other families in the neighborhood.

Let’s see more here and explore the best neighborhoods to browse and what you need to look for when you are considering moving to California!

3 Things You Must Know Before You Begin Browsing Palm Springs Real Estate In California!

Are you looking at Palm Springs real estate? Do you need to find the home of your dreams for you and your family? Perfect! We have the neighborhoods for you. Here Are some of the best areas you should look at, why they are good for you and your kids, and what you can expect to do here.

Movie Colony East

One of the best neighborhoods when browsing Palm Springs real estate is Movie Colony East. previously known as Ruth Hardy Park, this neighborhood is now one of the most desirable neighborhoods due to the ideal location, various amenities, and proximity to Palm Springs city center.

Your children will enjoy the parks, outdoor facilities, sports grounds, and playgrounds that are ideal for kids of all ages. You can also rest assured the neighborhood has the best school in the area to make sure your children have a good education and a well-rounded life!


The second area to look at when browsing Palm Springs real estate is Araby, which is a premier community that was created with families in mind. The best part about this area of Palm Springs is the close proximity to the city schools so that you don’t have to spend hours per day bringing your children to and from school. Once you get home from school with your children, your kids can run around in the big backyards of the numerous houses in the Araby neighborhood!

Chino Canyon

The third area that is ideal for families when looking at Palm Springs real estate in California is Chino Canyon, the perfect spot for outdoor lovers and nature families. The community has easy access and close proximity to playgrounds, sports grounds, and parks that are fun for family walks and outdoor activities. In addition to the nature surrounding you and your home, you can easily drive less than 10 minutes to nearby shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Sunrise Park

The final place that is great for families to move to when looking at Palm Springs real estate is Sunrise Park, a family-friendly neighborhood that is good for families that want their own space, seclusion, and privacy while still being close to the best part about Palm Springs, California!


When you are browsing the best Palm Springs real estate in California for you and your family, you need to take into account the school system, proximity to the city center, size of the houses, and outdoor activities.

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