Where Is Xur Destiny 2 and What You Can Get From Xur

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Xur Destiny 2

Xur is a mysterious and celebrated vendor that came into Destiny 2 from the original game. He shows up at one of three random locations every weekend, bringing a fresh inventory of wares with him. Traditionally, that inventory included a selection of Exotic gear, much of which could no longer be obtained from any other source.

However, the Season of the Lost added some very popular old Legendary items to his offerings, enhancing his appeal further. In this article, you will learn how to track down Xur during his appearances and how you can benefit from dealing with him.

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Where to Find Xur

Xur appears at 17:00 GMT every Friday at one of these locations:

  • Tower: The elevated walkway in the northwestern corner of the Hangar on the far right end of the hub;
  • Nessus: On the branch of a tree in the northeast of Watcher’s Grave (south on the destination’s map). You may encounter Vex or Fallen on the way there;
  • EDZ: On top of a bluff near the Fallen skiff on the northern end of Winding Cove (northeast on the map). Fallen or Cabal are they enemies likely to show up in this area. Go through the nearby cave or just jump between the ledges on the cliff’s face to reach him.

The trader will stay at whatever location he showed up in until the Tuesday reset.

What You Can Get From Xur

As of the Season of the Lost, Xur sells the following goods every weekend:

  • One Exotic Engram per player for 97 Legendary Shards;
  • One Exotic Weapon for 29 Legendary Shards;
  • One Titan Exotic Armor Piece for 23 Legendary Shards;
  • One Hunter Exotic Armor Piece for 23 Legendary Shards;
  • One Warlock Exotic Armor Piece for 23 Legendary Shards;
  • Seven Legendary Weapons for 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer each;
  • A Legendary Armor Set consists of five pieces for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks respectively, costing 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer for each individual piece.

The specific items he offers are different for every visit. The Exotic Engram may be decrypted into a random Exotic weapon or armor piece from the first two years of the shooter. Past Exotic weapons sold by Xur directly have included such popular choices as the Graviton Lance, the Colony, or Crimson.

The armor pieces are also worthy of attention thanks to their stats and intrinsic perks. The Legendary wares such as the IKELOS weapons and past ritual activity armor sets have a strong nostalgic appeal for long-time players. Armor in particular is viewed as prime transmog fuel. Yet, those items can also be God Rolls and are not subject to sunsetting, making them fearsome in their own right.

The only source for the Legendary Shards you will need to buy those things is dismantling Legendary or Exotic items. That includes weapons, armor, or shaders. You can farm Legendary rewards by completing seasonal or ritual activities and turning in bounties. That should provide a steady stream of shards if you are not too attached to the prizes.

While the primary use of Legendary Shards is imbuing other weapons to raise their Power Levels, the unique appeal of Xur’s collection is such that you will probably want to put aside some shards for it. Glimmer can be earned more easily from any activity in the game.

Xenology Quest

In addition to the above items, Xur offers a unique quest, Xenology, that lets you earn an Exotic Cipher. It is the only source for this currency other than your Season Pass. You can get the quest for free every weekend, though you will need to finish it first before taking it again.

The objective is to fill a quota by completing ritual activities (Vanguard strikes or Crucible or Gambit matches). Advanced versions of those activities like Nightfall: the Ordeal strikes count for more progress, as do games completed with members of the same clan. Which activities you should go with depends on your gameplay preferences, but Strikes are generally considered quicker and more efficient.

The Exotic Cipher has two uses. Firstly, it lets you buy another one of Xur’s Exotic Engrams per account per weekend. Secondly, it is required to purchase any of the Exotic weapons from vaulted content found at the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk.

Those items include the likes of Witherhoard and Anarchy, which are very popular to this day. You will also need Glimmer, an Ascendant Shard, and a destination material for the latter option. Either way, the quest is well worth doing for any serious collector.

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