How To Escape From Tarkov: Our Tips And Guide

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Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is the new favorite of all gaming maniacs. However, if you are a newbie here, you will find it quite complicated to make it till the end. But with constant practice and with the help of some Escape from Tarkov cheats to increase your gameplay, you can enhance the chances of your survival and become a pro at it.

However, if you die during a loot- all that equipment you invested hours collecting will be gone in a poof. In this article, find ways that will help you not only retain your loot but learn to get faster in collecting the same. The tips and tricks mentioned here will teach you how.

Learn the area:

Learn the area:

Map knowledge would be an important part of the arsenal, and that’s why you should not bounce between different maps. Take time to learn the layout of one map- this would give you some territorial advantage.

Your biggest advantage is in learning the map’s PMC, extracts, loot locations, stashes, etc.- if you know the area, you can plan your raid more effectively. Do not rush in; make sure the area is secure before making your move

Scope the area:

This is particularly important after making a kill- when you’re at your most vulnerable. You know the feeling- the rush of just having made a kill. Well, congratulations, but keep your cool!

While you may have defeated one enemy, others might be lurking. Before you go to collect the stash, make sure you aren’t being set up for an ambush. You have to play with what you have smartly, and recklessly rushing it won’t help.

Tread Carefully:

Tread Carefully:

In Escape from Tarkov, the reality is mimicked in the game, and therefore, every crunch of glass beneath the soles of your feet would help other players in pinpointing your location.

Thereby, carefully walking is key in the game. Walk as silently and carefully as possible- this includes avoiding stepping on dried leaves and any other material which will crunch beneath your boots.

When moving, it all matters- how you move, how you’re postured, and when you move are all vital points to consider. Be warned that headsets amplify sound- therefore meaning you should be especially cautious around them.

Insure your Equipment:

Insure your Equipment:

Insurance allows you the privilege of getting to retrieve items that have not been extracted in a raid, albeit at a delay. However, this would at least mean that you never start at ground zero again!

You should always make sure to insure your tea when going out on the Insurance Screen, though there are no remedies against raids on The Lab. You should click on the Insure All button to secure all your precious equipment.

The costs between a Proper and a Therapist differs- but so does the time to get your products back. Use the system at even low levels- there is always the possibility that your killer has the better gear and won’t loot you. Moreover, the chances of getting everything back when a scav kills you is pretty high.

Start with the Scavs:

Scavs are essentially AI that play your enemies as a PMC, but when you run a raid as a ‘friendly’ Scav, you have the advantage of deception on your side. When running a raid as a faction member, you risk losing all the gear you enter with.

However, if you pose as a Scav- you get the opportunity to escape with free loot at low personal costs. Running with the Russians also means you won’t be shot at by them as you will be perceived as one of them.

In doing so, remember a few things – you will be pushed into a raid at a random time with random gear, so know to adapt. Moreover, other players will still pose a risk- be wary! After you’re satisfied, make your escape.

Go on Quests:

If you’re looking to make actual progress in the game, quests are your ticket to unlocking new items and traders in the game. They help you earn cash, items (or both), and help in bolstering your reputation with traders as well, meaning you will get better prices!


However, different quests are of varying levels of difficulty and may require you to do different things. Nonetheless, you can always make use of guides when you feel stuck!

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