8 Popular Online Games That You Should Play Amid Covid-19 Guarantee

Gaming by  Mashum Mollah 28 October 2020 Last Updated Date: 31 January 2022

Popular Online Games

Playing games amid COVID – 19 pandemic is one of the best options to keep boredom while staying at home. For the lovers of online games, you can find some popular online games that you can play on your android. Those games can be downloaded in Google Play Store. These are some options for the online games that you should play.

Here are 8 Popular Online Games That You Should Play Amid Covid-19 Guarantee:

1. PUBG-Mobile Online Games 


PUBG-Mobile is today being the most favorite online game. It is because PUBG-Mobile still offers a fun game mode in which it is not boring. You can fight for 100 people in a team or individually. It will be a much fun game to play on your android. PUBG-Mobile is also to be the best graphic quality android game. The visual quality looks so realistic and supported by 3D audio quality in which it is bringing you to a real battle. Before being presented to be an android game, PUBG has become the best online game for computer devices. This game is interestingly providing FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter). It is presented with various chosen game methods that you can choose.

2. Arena of Valor Online Games 

The next option of the popular online games is Arena of Valor. It is often called to be AOV being an online multiplayer battle arena game with the game mode of 5v5. This game mode is similar to Mobile Legends. However, the most interesting game is caused by the ultra HD graphic quality so that it looks more realistic. It has more than 80 heroes that can be played in this game. Every hero has different skills and strategies so that it becomes the best online game. It is much fun to play. Furthermore, this game needs the players to play in a team and manage the strategies to win every match.

3. Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is a legendary game that has existed. Today, it is available in a mobile version in which it can be played on your android and smartphone. This game has one level of graphic quality above PUBG-Mobile. If it is played in a good smartphone, it must be maximal. It is similar to PUBG mobile in which it offers a game mode of Battle Royale in which it is as much fun as PUBG-Mobile. Furthermore, Call of Duty Mobile has an interesting point from the weapon sides in which it is more sophisticated and supported with the complete maps.

You seem to get familiar with this personal computer game called Call of Duty. However, have you ever known that this game can be played on your android? Call of Duty: Mobile becomes one of the favorite online games to play on your android. In this game, you can play with some modes such as player vs player. It is similar to the competition game like PUBG mobile in which you can play with more than 100 people. Though this game is free, it is available paid. For example, if you buy various kinds of weapons, you must pay more money to buy them.

4. Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang 

This online game was firstly introduced in 2017. In a short period, Mobile Legends can be the best online game. The offered game mode is so much fun because it offers a battle of 5v5 in which it needs the players to manage strategies and collaboration. One of the things making it so much fun is available different heroes and skills. This game is categorized at a low level so that it can be run in a low specification smartphone and android. However, if you want to make it optimal, it is suggested to use a smartphone with more than 3GB RAM.

5. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

The next online game is Clash of Clans. Some people sound to be popular. It is one of the popular online games in the world in which it has the gameplay to build a village and stand a clan. This game is so much fun that it has many people playing it though this game is longer. You can attack enemies easily and freely with some kinds of armies with unique characters. You can install it in your android to accompany you during a Coronavirus guarantee.

6. S128 Game

S128 Game

Real sabung ayam online becomes one of the popular gambling games that you can play during the quarantine. It becomes the best online game on your android. s128 terpercaya app became my most favorite one because the feature game makes me so addicted. The interesting thing about this game is a unique feature when betting in the slot room it’s packed with the beautiful app. Despite getting easy to play, this game is also a game with features that you can make a profit. Through this game, you will get different types of betting like slot online, fish hunter, also e-sport is available now. In every bet, you placed if you lose you will get credit as a cashback bonus. It means that in the game the bonus doesn’t apply to your account. For the gamers getting curious about this game, you can visit the s128 site, and don’t forget to save find a great tipster for playing this game.

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is a very popular game among Gamers. It is a branch of The Asphalt with the cool race game. Before Asphalt 9:: legends, the previous game of Asphalt 8 appeared. It is a popular game of the Asphalt branch. In this game, you will play together with 50 other cars in a race with different challenges in every context. This car game belongs to an online multiplayer game, playing by self and many more. If you get curious, you can download it now and play it amid the guarantee.

8. Critical Ops 

The last option of online games is Critical Ops. It is to be a new game. Through this game, you will be daring of being the first shooter. Your target exists terrorists in this game. This game is packed with strong ethics at every level. If you want, you can be a terrorist in this game. It offers multiplayer choices in which you don’t get worried about playing together with your friends. Though it is categorized to be a new game, it still develops every month. Don’t get worried about the price because it is free.

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