10 Apps That Will Help You Lead A Healthy Life From Home

Appsby Mashum Mollah08 January 2021

Healthy Life

Take advantage of the technology you have in your hands to lead a healthy life. Here are 10 apps that will help you.

In times of contingency, technology is one of our best allies, so digital platforms and apps on health issues are essential.

Here are some recommended applications, tips, and different ways to lead a healthy physical and mental life from home, thanks to apps that you can obtain for your smartphone.

A physician recruiter who works closely with professional psychologists explains that currently there are apps that help us monitor our basic health status such as blood pressure, beats per minute, oxygenation, and steps per day, among other options.

Here are the following apps for Healthy Life recommended by health specialists:

1. Nike Run Club (available on IOS and Android)

 Nike Run Club

Helps measure your performance during a walk or run, including GPS tracking. It will also serve as motivation to achieve objectives through a record of distances and times.

2. Sleep Cycle (available on IOS and Android)

Sleep Cycle

It helps the user to improve their rest routine by determining the moments of greatest and least rest and shows the best time to wake up without feeling tired

3. Sleep Pillow (available on IOS and Android)

Sleep Pillow

An app with 70 relaxing sounds before going to bed, will help you relax and sleep better.

4. 7 Minute Workout “Seven” (available on IOS and Android)

7 Minute Workout “Seven”

It is an application that can be used without the internet, it includes exercise circuits lasting 7 minutes and a rest period of 30 seconds. The application includes instructions and the process of how to perform the exercises through creative videos.

5. Workout Trainer (available on IOS, Android, and Amazon)

Workout Trainer

An app with personalized workouts and exercises led by certified expert trainers. It includes yoga practices, high-intensity bodyweight workouts, quick strength-intensity workouts, and more.

6. Plant Nanny 2 – Your Adorable Water Reminder (available for IOS and Android)

Plant Nanny 2

It works as a reminder of how much water you need to drink per day; it is also a fun app to motivate and have a good time, every time a glass is registered you will be watering the little plant of the app, making it grow.

7. Buddhify (available for IOS and Android)


An app that encourages and helps you to fall into a meditative state no matter where you are.

8. Google Fit (available on IOS and Android)

Google Fit

A simple and efficient app that helps you keep track of your routine, generating statistics on your physical activity, quantifying the steps, and calculating the kilocalories you consume. It also includes the function of organizing groups to exercise.

9. Apple Health (available on IOS)

If you have an Apple product, it is already included in your device! It has different functions to lead a healthy life based on your personalized information: activity, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition.

10. Spotify (available for IOS and Android)



Make your playlist to relax, train, or just have a good time, music works as a stress repellent.

Finally, we must not lose sight of the pros and cons of using technology for better health, so we must be very alert to fake news, and always make sure to be guided by official information and health specialists.

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