Natural Methods to Combat High Blood Pressure

Health & Fitness by  Mashum Mollah 23 March 2021

Combat High Blood Pressure

Also called hypertension, high blood pressure is a cardiovascular condition that occurs when the force of the blood against the blood vessel walls (arteries) is too high. Unfortunately, the disease is very common, affecting up to 1.13 billion people worldwide, and is among the most significant causes of premature deaths. Although there are pharmaceutical remedies, this article will discuss natural methods that can help you combat hypertension and reduce the risk of early death.

Lose A Few Pounds:

Lose A Few Pounds

Typically, blood pressure increases when a person adds weight. That’s why most overweight people often struggle with hypertension. Furthermore, being overweight can cause sleep apnea, increasing blood pressure. Typically, you can reduce pressure by 1mm HG by losing just 2.2 pounds (1kg). While shedding a few pounds, keep an eye on your waistline. Carrying too much weight around the waist increases the risk of hypertension drastically. Men with a waist exceeding 40 inches (101 cm) are at a very high risk of hypertension, and so are women with a waist of more than 35 inches.

Exercise Regularly:


People struggling with hypertension can lower their blood pressure by up to 8 mm Hg by exercising for about 150 minutes every week. Some of the exercises you can get involved in include dancing, swimming, running, cycling, and even walking. You can talk with your doctor about developing an exercise routine that suits you the most.

Reduce Your Sodium Intake:

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Keeping your sodium levels low is vital in keeping your blood pressure down. The AHA (American Hypertension Association) recommends hypertension patients limit their sodium intake to 1500-2300 mg every day. That’s around half spoon of table salt. Instead of using salt, use natural spices and herbs. Fast foods usually have high amounts of sodium, so be sure to avoid such foods.

Quit Smoking:

Quit Smoking

If you smoke and you are struggling with high blood pressure, the first thing you should do is quit smoking. The nicotine in the cigarette raises blood pressure, and heavy smokers usually have elevated blood pressure for a longer time. Hypertension patients who smoke are at a high risk of developing stroke and heart attack. Even passive smokers are at a similar risk. Therefore, stay away from people who smoke to be on the safer side. Furthermore, quitting smoking has many other health benefits.

Lower Your Stress Levels:

Lower Your Stress Levels

In this fast-paced world, there are a lot of stressors. Still, it is vital to step away from your usual responsibilities from time to time to manage your stress levels. Stress causes a temporary rise in a patient’s blood pressure, and too much of it can keep it elevated for extended periods. There are several ways to manage stress levels. You can try yoga, meditating, exercising, taking naps, listening to your favorite music, etc. It helps if you avoid your triggers whenever possible. Once you find the trigger, find a way to address the issue.

Take More Potassium:


Daily intake of foods rich in potassium is recommended to help lower elevated blood pressure. Such foods include vegetables and fruits such as bananas and tomatoes. Increasing your daily potassium intake can lower your blood pressure by up to 5 mm Hg. However, limit your potassium intake if you have kidney problems.

Adapt The DASH Diet:

Adapt The DASH Diet

The DASH diet was created specifically for people struggling with hypertension. Research shows that it can lower blood pressure by up to 11 mm Hg. The diet includes eating vegetables, whole grains, and vegetables. Also, take low-fat dairy products, fish, and lean meat. Finally, cut down your processed foods and fatty foods intake. It also helps if you reduce the intake of sweetened beverages.

All said and done, never hesitate to visit the doctor if you have severe high blood pressure symptoms.

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