5 Branding Tips To Strengthen Your Local Customer Base

Marketingby Mashum Mollah10 April 2020


Branding is a crucial piece of the whole marketing puzzle. Without this key part, your entire advertising and promotional strategy won’t be complete.

Failing to prioritize branding won’t give your consumers and team a complete picture of your company. This, in turn, will affect various aspects of your business negatively, which include audience trust, employee motivation, and sales and profits.

The Importance of Building Your Brand Locally

Since branding is an essential element of your marketing strategy, focusing your efforts in your locality first is a smart plan that will help your business in various ways.

By having a local brand strategy in Dubai, you can connect and form a bond with the residents – people who are more likely to be your customers. When you are successful in reaching out to them, you will see an increase in leads and sales.

When you work hard on building and promoting your brand to your local customers, you will gain their trust and loyalty, as well. Their continuous support and patronage can ensure the success and longevity of your company.

Additionally, if your target market is already heavily saturated, the right local branding campaign will help you stand out from your competitors. Again, this will bring about various positive effects on your business.

How to Boost Your Brand in the Local Market

To start building your brand in the local market, broaden your customer base, and ensure customer loyalty, follow these tips:

1. Know your local audience


Whether your business is new or already established, you can create an effective local branding strategy by knowing who your target market is first. Coming up with various audience persona is an excellent way of getting a clear picture of who your customers are.

Start building each customer persona by knowing their age, gender, profession, purchasing habits and preferences, and educational level. Once you have all these details, you can create a consumer profile you can use for a branding strategy that will appeal to the local market and gain their trust.

If you are still in the process of creating your brand identity, customer personas can also help you come up with a brand that the local market can easily relate to and will have no qualms engaging with.

Lastly, an audience persona can assist you in crafting a brand story, one that resonates with your local market and gives them a picture of what your business is all about.

2. Create the right messages for your audience

Once you know who your local audience is, you will have an easier time crafting all types of content and messages that they can relate to or find interesting, or both.

Content that appeals to the local market should highlight your offering’s unique selling points and how your product or service can help them solve their problems and make their lives easier. However, they should be written or created in ways that take into account the language, interests, and preferences of your audience.

Aside from considering audience personas, you can create content that your local market will appreciate and find interesting by doing additional research. This includes being familiar with and using commonly used phrases or words in your locality.

Crafting content and messages based on or including trends in the local market will help you widen your customer base and strengthen their loyalty.

3.  Work on your local SEO

local SEO

SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools around. You can maintain the loyalty of your current local customers and earn the trust of new ones with less difficulty by ensuring your company name is on the top of search results.

To make SEO an integral part of your local branding strategy, start by choosing keywords carefully. Use locally focused ones that relate to or represent your niche. By doing so, your chances of interacting with your existing customers and keeping their patronage will be higher.

This simple strategy can help you connect with more new customers and promote your brand at the same time.

Creating and sharing optimized content is another SEO technique that can help with your local branding efforts. Your articles, videos, and other posts should satisfy your audience’s hunger for fresh information, and at the same time, follow all SEO best practices.

4. Use social media

social media

Being active on different social networking sites and establishing your presence on these platforms is an inexpensive way of keeping your local customer base intact. It can even help increase it.

Social media is one of the best platforms for boosting both brand awareness, and lead and sales generation. As a branding tool, you can use it to let your current customers know more interesting facts about your company.

A great example of this is sharing behind-the-scene photos or videos about your operations or production on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sites. By giving your local audience a glimpse of how your team works, you boost their interest in your brand.

Using social media to show how your company cares about the community is also an excellent branding strategy that will strengthen your customer base. When your audience knows that your company is involved in worthwhile causes and is not all about sales and profits, you get to keep their loyalty.

5. Be proactive

Letting your customers know that you care will prevent them from switching to your competitors. As such, you need to constantly build their trust in your brand.

Reading and taking into account your customers’ comments or feedback, responding to all their messages, and addressing their complaints are tried-and-tested ways of keeping their trust. When other people know about the quality of your customer service, you can gain more paying consumers, as well.

Another key element of being active in the community is finding ways to give back. You can do this by donating to local non-profit organizations or charities. You and your team can also look for volunteer opportunities and spare time to get involved in worthwhile causes regularly.

You can also organize fundraising events if you want to raise money for a cause you and your team are passionate about.

Sponsoring local events and sports teams are also excellent ways of boosting brand recognition and letting your customers know that your company is involved in the community. And this will help cement their loyalty to your business.

When you follow these branding tips, you will strengthen your current consumers’ trust in your company. Your chances of getting more loyal, repeat customers will be higher, too.

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