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SEO by  Ariana Smith 23 February 2019

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When you think of St. Louis, you picture the arches bearing the bridge between Illinois and Missouri. Most of the city is located on the Western side of the Mississippi River and is about 2 hours south of another prominent hometown of Mark Twain known as Hannibal, MO. What’s in St. Louis though? Bustling businesses both long-standing and emerging almost daily. The river near St. Louis is one of the nation’s biggest areas of shipping and business growth. There is also a higher market of an SEO specialist, and in this article, we’re going to explain some things you want to think about with the businesses in St. Louis so you can get SEO marketing training from the top St. Louis SEO company.  If you want to contact them see

How Big Is Their Company?

Thinking about the population density, we also have to realize that the size of a company can affect what type of SEO project or corporate account they can handle. St. Louis is a bustling city and has one of the highest in the nation. The only downside to this is that with more people, there are openings for more mistakes. On the upside though, a company from a bigger city with an average team size can handle more work for bigger projects and larger companies. If you’re a starting business though, this may not be the route to go for you.

Google Certified and Quality:

Many people have been claiming to be Google SEO Certified, and this is the same as far as looking in places like St. Louis. You want good quality service, and you also don’t want people who tell you they’re Google certified. There is no such thing. However, you can be Google Partnered by taking courses (or having your employees do so). If a business is Google Partnered or has a stamp for Premier Google Partner, then you know they’ve trained efficiently on things like AdWords (used to be AdSense) and other marketing and SEO campaigns that can help you increase your ranks on Google.

If the Price is Too Cheap:

When you get a low-balled price, you’re going to get the same exact results. In the world of SEO, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get any service no (unless you get scammed, which you need to watch out for), but you are going to get what you paid for. SEO can be costly for a business, and if someone gives you a too good to be true price, then there’s an almost 100% chance that they are being just that.

What Can a Top St. Louis SEO Company Do?

Well, first of all, they won’t limit themselves to one location. There are many companies out there who work out of and for St. Louis virtual offices, and offices in general and just include those places in the area. Does this mean they’re a St. Louis SEO Company? If they have a physical address or even a virtual address, then yes, they are a legitimate company. By hiring a company like Golden Gate SEO, you get top quality service no matter whether you’re on the east coast, the west, or even in the heart of the heartland itself.

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