Key ideas to writing SEO Optimized articles

SEOby Ariana Smith22 November 2017

SEO Optimized articles

Blogging, selling a product or an author yearning for attention – traffic on the website is a must to make an impact. This is why when it comes to gaining popularity on the internet we focus a lot on the SEO aspects, marketing techniques, and PPC.

It helps in making our websites or blogs the ideal source of information for the users while earning us attention and income. However, to make the most impact one needs to write SEO optimized articles and thus earn glory.

Tips to writing SEO optimized articles:

      1. Meta Title and descriptions:

What you term as titles for the users, do not serve as the title for search engines.Instead, you need to create meta titles and descriptions to make your article SEO friendly. Go to your title settings and fill in the Meta title and Meta descriptions before posting.

      2. Naming the images:

Images are also a big factor in driving traffic to the website and so always name your images before uploading them. One of the most common mistakes that website owners commit is letting the name of the images be ‘text’, ‘image.jpeg’, etc. Make sure you insert the keywords in the image to promote marketing.

      3. Interlinks:

Each of your articles must be connected to other articles or pages through hyperlinks or mentions so that your blog can benefit from more clicks and increase PPC. Take out some time to target the thoughts of the audience and insert links to other articles smartly.

     4. Checklist and upload:

Do not upload before finalizing your content, checking all the aspects and confirming the perfection of your post. This will help you capture traffic better without committing any potential future mistakes.

      5. Targeting the keywords:

Always try to write your content with certain keywords which are essential for tracking down the content. When you write about a particular place or a product, think of all possible ways in which one may search for it in the search engines and try to include those keywords in your content for best filtering.

       6. Capture what is trending:

It is of no use if you try to capture something which isn’t in the limelight. When you are trying to cover up your articles for SEO do not miss out the trending topics. Choose the appropriate products that have been newly launched or even the ones which are making news and popularize your website.

        7. Connect to the audience

The SEO Sydney company describes that merely blogging or trying to earn attention is not the way to get popularity on the web. You have to give attention to seek attention. And therefore always give a reason for readers to come to your website. Connect with them, reply to their comments, take action and don’t miss out on a chance to make them feel that they are important to you.

 Share your content on social platforms:

The best way to increase your visibility on the internet is to share on different media and increase SEO to be tracked by the audience easily. It is when you are socially active that more and more people will be able to connect and reach your website.

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