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SEO by  Ariana Smith 31 October 2018 Last Updated Date: 10 November 2018

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Succeeding in a highly competitive business environment like San Francisco requires a number of things one of which is an effective search engine optimization strategy. According to Business Insider, San Francisco is listed as having the second best economy in the country behind San Jose.

If business competitiveness was not already intense enough, this news will ensure it rises dramatically as more businesses begin to move to this location to enjoy the success that has largely been attributed to the presence of Silicone Valley. This reality makes the need of an SEO expert more important than ever before.

What is SEO:

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. To put it in the simplest of terms, it is a process of optimizing your website so it turns up in the results of searches for relevant keywords.

When a person initiates a search on a search engine, the search engine returns its results based on certain algorithms. Some websites make it to the first page while others do not. Since it is a proven fact that about 75% of users will never go beyond the first page of search results, everyone aims for the first page which is where SEO comes in.

Who Needs SEO?

If you run a business today, regardless of the kind of business you run, then you need to optimize your online presence for search engine visibility and prominence. This will help you get a higher percentage of the about 884,363 person who live in the San Francisco area.

Other than businesses, if you run a course, an NGO, a movement, a political campaign or anything you want others to get involved in, search engine optimization will also help you achieve your goal.

Why Do You Need SEO?

Let’s look at a few statistics. It has been shown that about 90% of all internet usage begins with a search. This means that if about 100 persons want to buy a shoe online, about 90 of them will first search for a seller on a search engine.

Every day, Google alone is said to handle over 3.5billions searches. These searches convert to immediate sales or future sales. You can learn more about it here:

In another statistic, it is predicted that online sales will hit about $603.4 billion by 2021. The question then is – do you want to have a share of this sale or maybe the search results? If your answer is yes, then you need SEO to help you achieve this.

Benefits of SEO:

High ROI:

SEO yields very high return on investment. Compared to traditional adverts, what you will need to spend to see impressive results is fairly negligible.

Improved Traffic:

With SEO done right, you will begin to get improved traffic to your website which is the main goal of the entire process.

Highly Measurable:

With SEO, you can measure your results, knowing exactly what is delivering what result. This means you can identify which of your campaigns is making the most impact and which is not. This will help you efficiently direct your funds and effort.

Offers Highly Targeted Optimization:

Using local SEO, you can focus on a specific area – either location or niche. For a business located and targeting customers in San Francisco SEO can be used to focus your campaigns on the exact area and also other demographics.

PR and Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness and PR are naturally by-products of a good SEO campaign. More people will come in contact with your site, increasing the public’s awareness of it.

Long-term Growth:

The techniques that are used in white hat SEO are based on what is called inbound marketing. This involves a philosophy of providing so much value to a potential customer that s/he has no choice but to do business with you. This practice builds customer loyalty which translates to loads of repeat customers. This is the best way of ensuring long-term growth.

Who is an SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is one who is versed in search engine optimization tactics and strategy. S/he understands what your business needs to do to strategically position it online for greater positive visibility, which in turn will lead to increased patronage.

Why do You Need an SEO Expert?

Put simply, an expert will help you create and execute the most efficient strategies for achieving your goals. Some of these strategies may need constant tweaking based on data collected from the on-going campaigns. The expert will be on hand to do just that.

Using an expert ensures that you can focus on your business and not have to worry about something that is not your strong suit.

How to Choose the Right Expert

To ensure you indeed choose an expert to handle your business’ SEO, ask for some of the following:

  1. Past and present clients as well as result achieved.
  2. A brief overview of what is promised and the plans for achieving them.
  3. Minimum guaranteed outcome.
  4. How long it will take to achieve the result.
  5. If the results will be tied to them or if it will continue even after their contract is up.
  6. How much the project will cost you.

These are just a few questions from which you can develop yours. Suffice it to say that with the right SEO expert working with your business either in San Francisco or anywhere else, you are almost 100% certain of experiencing tremendous business growth.

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