Comparative: Working with an independent SEO or SEO agency?

SEOby Ariana Smith20 June 2018

SEO or SEO agency

Here is a small SEO comparison that raises the pros and cons of working with an SEO expert or SEO agency. Each structure has strengths or weaknesses in terms of referencing and scope. Sometimes it can be useful to make a small SEO comparison between the independent expert and the agency because the benefits can be deferred such as costs or flexibility.

Comparative SEO: Expert or agency?

Many companies wanting to start their SEO projects are wondering what structures they should work with. Should they work with an SEO agency, that is to say, an agency made up of several SEO experts, or work with an independent SEO expert or SEO freelance.

It is certain that these two structures have their qualities as their defects. We will see in this comparative SEO, the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with each of them for your SEO.

The SEO SEO agency and the independent SEO expert

Your choice between a freelance SEO expert or an SEO agency will depend on several parameters related to your goals. Then it will be a question of the nature of the intervention to realize on your Internet site because it is sometimes de rigueur to see beyond the simple intervention in SEO. It may be for example content production optimized SEO, or benefits to improve your site ergonomics see a redesign for your online forex trading site or whatever website you have.

SEO Comparison: The SEO SEO Agency and the Independent SEO Expert

If by submitting your site for SEO work it turns out that some operations are necessary, it will be necessary to consider them to ensure relevant SEO work behind. Given these few points, it remains difficult to choose between the 2 experienced structures that are the independent SEO expert or agency specialized in SEO. Before making a good choice, it is therefore important to ask yourself the right questions to help you choose better. The first question after defining your goals will relate to your target and then lead to a set of points to address: Who is my target and what are his needs?· What is my main theme and how am I positioning? Who are my competitors and what strategies do they adopt?·What is my frequency of content production? Is my website optimized and does it meet Google’s new requirements? What are my strengths as well as my weak points? And of course, there are many other questions to ask yourself to better refine your needs and have the most relevant service possible. In any case, whether it is a freelance SEO expert or an SEO agency, their role is the same: In broad outline, it will optimize your pages in search engines. They will also advise you to host your website with a reputable web-hosting website, click here for more information.

What are the advantages of working with an independent SEO expert?

Let’s discover now for our comparative SEO, the pros and cons of working with an independent SEO expert. The advantages of the freelance SEO expert: Know above all that the independent SEO expert remains a professional in the field. Sometimes an expert opts for freelance SEO professional status since he has many special skills in this area. For example, if you intend to integrate videos or images with an illustration in order to optimize them, you may be looking for an independent SEO person who will be up to the task of carrying out the project. On the other hand, you may need some editing on your website and optimization of some settings in order to improve your SEO. For this work, it is not necessary to appeal to an agency that might over-bill the service, see simply declining for lack of interest. In most cases, an SEO freelancer is a rather expert person on the subject, as he has probably already done many SEO tasks ranging from the simplest to the most difficult for various clients. Certainly, he has become accustomed to the requirements of each of them. Among the independents, there are many who have previously worked in an agency before attempting the independent adventure. In this sense, there is no judgment value to make in terms of skills. Another advantage that is interesting in the independent SEO is relative to the cost. The amount of services provided by independent is much cheaper because of its operating costs which are much lower than those of an agency. He is thus free to define his personal fees by having certain flexibility on the important missions. It is for these various reasons that it offers services a little less expensive. We can also note the interest of having a single contact on projects and the fact that a freelance can easily move to the customer if necessary.

In conclusion

Whether a structure is a freelance SEO or SEO agency, it is in 2 cases of experts in SEO. The choices will be based more on the relative pricing of the project, the mobility if it is necessary to move but also the scope of the work to be done and whether to involve several people on it. The freelance SEO expert will have the advantage of price flexibility but the fragility of its structure will not allow him to face big missions. Depending on your choices, objectives, needs and budget to allocate to SEO, you will probably have quickly made your calculation to bet on an independent or an agency.

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