SEO For The Dental Industry: Digital Solutions

SEO by  Mashum Mollah 13 May 2021

SEO For The Dental Industry

We all know that SEO is critical for e-commerce businesses, yet this applies to almost every industry, as the whole world has switched to digital solutions.

What does a person do when they have a toothache and haven’t registered with a dental clinic? Google, of course, would bring up a list of local dental practices and this is one of the reasons dental clinics need SEO, and with a lot of competition, it can be difficult to get your message across to the community.


Let’s face it, people like to know how others feel about a product or service and that’s very easy to do online; the SEO team can have your reviews pop up, right next to the map showing your location, plus a link to your website.

There are Google snippets that are designed to help the user and the SEO agency are conversant with the many features that can boost their client’s rankings within a localized Google search.

Driving Web Traffic:

Driving Web Traffic:

SEO is all about driving traffic to a target platform and there are many ways to do this; social media, for example, is one of the most productive strategies for any local business.

A leading dental clinic would have accounts with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which would give them a positive profile within the community. Facebook marketing should be carried out by SEO professionals, as they really understand all the variables, and there are many!

Regarding who is going to see your Facebook post, you can choose age, gender, language, location, profession, to name but a few, which allows you to target specific communities and individuals that are interested in what you do.

Of course, oral health is important to everyone, which broadens your market.

Consumer Behaviour:

This is the key to successful SEO; understand this and you can plan an effective marketing campaign and regarding dental treatment, the majority of people would task this to Google’s search engine.

You need to be sure that when a person searches for ‘dental treatment near me, it is your clinic that stands out and part of the campaign would be looking at other clinics within your zone, to determine their online profile. It is important to know what your competitors are doing and what they are offering.

Localized SEO:

Localized SEO:

Nobody is going to drive 100km to see a dentist. When a dental practice seeks out a leading local SEO Sydney, or in the city where you’re clinic is based, they must consider the zone they are targeting.

Once this is done, the SEO team can work their magic, which would probably involve a website revamp, carefully placing the top search terms within the content, which Google will see and the clinic would be on the first page of search results.

Free Online Audit:

A leading SEO agency would offer a free digital audit, which is comprehensive and designed to evaluate your current digital footprint – much like a health check.

This would be a starting point for the agency, which would put together a dynamic digital marketing plan for your approval. If your clinic isn’t as busy as it should be, talk to a leading SEO agency and let them work their magic on your dental practice.

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