Conjuring A Vase: Methods Of Printing A Glass Bottle

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Conjuring a vase is not a modern world tactic, but working on the architects was always there. But with the emergence of technology and the way the design industry is evolving, you will get better solutions with prominent styles.

Well, who doesn’t like flowers?

Apart from that, we all have heard about the one life, one tree slogan. Either way, planting trees is a positive way to save our environment and mitigate our thirst for loving flowers.

Plants are natural, which can also enhance the home’s aura. However, we don’t want to stick to little good.

There is always a customizing mind working inside us, which is why we all have different decorating aspects for your rooms.

However, a prominent way to customize your planting habit is to go for the vase. When you are able to design your vase, it will help you create a different beauty aspect to the plant and the place as well.

Printing is trendy these days, which is related to painting. Well, in this digital world, you can do anything with the help of technology.

While you are thinking of printing your vase, we have better solutions. It is a beautiful way to customize your vase.

Different Printing Options

There are different ways to print your vase, and glass screen printing is best possible when you know about it better.

The more you understand it, the more it will help you to be in the loop and get the best product and design available in the market.

Printing technology has spread across commercial, industrial, architectural, and interior design. It will provide you with both functional and beautiful aspects of your vase.

Apart from that, these vase printing solutions are sustainable, durable, and flexible at the same time. No matter what you follow, the different printing options will help you understand what your vase can best match. For instance, you can check out inks, other techniques, and types of equipment as well.

However, mainly there are two types of printing available in the market.

  • Screen printing.
  • Digital printing.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

The screen printing process has been there for many years in the market, and you can call it the traditional process.

You can paint your vase’s interior and exterior using this process. It is a highly durable and long-lasting process and thus sustainable as well. You can use mesh and stencil to print your vase in this process.

Glass printing is always on trend to fulfill the expectations of a person who wants their vase to match their bedroom.

So far, you will find four color variants to deal with the screen printing process. However, preparing a screen printing of the vase will take a long time, and the price of fixing it is also high.

Well, there is no doubt about the quality of it.

Digital Printing

Ultraviolet light organic inks are advanced and efficient tools for the contemporary world. The environmental condition of our planet is not very cool. So, we need organic products, and here you go!

The flexibility of digital printing is high, and it opens many options for you to design and decorate your glass bottles.

However, you will find two major efforts for digital printing.

  • UV-curable printing.
  • Digital ceramic printing.

Organic inks are mainly used with ultraviolet light to ensure UV-curable printing. It is highly customizable and also has high structural interior design applications. Moreover, it is scratch-resistant and durable as well.

On the other hand, Digital ceramic printing is also a prominent solution but different from UV-curable printing. Ceramic frit is used in this glass printing process to create an ultra-thin printed layer.

This versatile and innovative technology is called Dip-Tech. When considering an industry standard with your glass printing process, you might hope to get durability with light transmission and diffusion.

Glass Bottle Printing Requirements

Before you go for glass screen printing, ensure you have managed to get a better idea of the glass dimensions.

  • Clear glass is perfect.
  • Try to avoid oval-shaped bottles.
  • Go for a smooth and even surface.

So, it’s time for you to decide on your choices. Here we have delivered some glass printing ideas that might benefit you after reading.

Now that you know the process, you can choose the best one, depending on your niche.

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