Everything You Need To Know About Digital Vinyl Printing In 2022

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Digital Vinyl Printing

You would be surprised to know that vinyl is the second largest selling plastic globally. And there is a good reason for that. Since its discovery centuries ago, it has proved itself to be a versatile material and has become a staple in the marketing industry.

From piping signage and packaging the records to clothing, PVC – as it’s commonly known, is both reliable and relied upon.


In the 1920s, revered rubber scientist Waldo Semon was on the lookout for an adhesive synthesis that could help the rubber industry flourish.

During the course of his many experiments, he conducted many experiments. During the experiments, he came across a unique formula. That formula was for the vinyl.

Delighted by what he has achieved, he set to work creating golf balls. As time passed, demand grew, and vinyl became a staple in the industry.

Vinyl was used to cover the wires for military ships in the second world war and became a fixture building site later on. The fact that vinyl is fireproof helps its popularity and establishes itself as one of the most used elements in the industry.

Ripples of its impact were big enough to affect the Printing industry and give rise to a new trend called Digital Vinyl Printing.

What Is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Vinyl printing uses large, wide-format inkjet printing machines to reproduce images. The process uses huge rolls with printed images. The rolls are specifically designed to receive inks and print high-resolution images. Moreover, a vinyl printer has an adhesive back that helps the pains stick together.

The glue is a key component of the whole process. It helps the vinyl print stick on different surfaces like plastic, glass, metal, and clots. While vinyl has a good reputation for sticking itself with a smooth surface, glue makes it feel like concrete after the paint dries up.

Benefits Of Digital Vinyl Printing

Benefits Of Digital Vinyl Printing

Vinyl offers versatility and can be used in any industry. The marketing sectors have certainly found vinyl printing to be one of the best marketing tools.

Here are the benefits that you can reap from Digital Vinyl printing.

1. Durability

We have already said that vinyl printing can hold its own against any weather. Therefore, anything printed onto vinyl endures.

Vinyl is one of the direct materials you can ever get for printing. Hence, it makes an obvious choice for marketers to use it in their marketing strategies.

Unlike any printables, vinyl can withstand any weather and ensures that your promotion lasts the longest without any second investment.

What’s more, you can further reinforce the vinyl material by adding a scratch resistance ink to make it last even longer.

2. Quality

While being in the industry, we often hear the phrase, toughness comes at the expense of appearance. Well, that is not true in the case of vinyl.

Vinyl is one of the most advanced technologies used in digital printing today. The colors are not only bright and clear but are also defined. The incredible quality of the design makes the print look more professional and a delight to customers’ eyes.

The next time you visit a supermarket, just watch the banner advertisement; you will understand what we mean to say here. If you are looking for a Vinyl print order, ask for help from the experts at Siser Easysubli.

3. Versatility

Vinyl is a complete package of versatility. If needed, vinyl can be printed on both sides, cut into shapes and sizes you want, and all within a very small tolerance.

What’s more, once the banners are created, they can be folded without damaging the banner, and any fixing can be applied to make it work.

Overall, marketers can enjoy total customization and making something unique out of their business.


As you read in this article, vinyl printing can effectively enhance the quality and resolution of the banners used in your marketing strategies. This quality of digital vinyl printing exceeds its mission and makes your marketing objectives a reality.

In addition, the fact that digital vinyl printing has resistance to weather conditions like rain and offers a long service life. That means a digital vinyl produced for the promotion can serve its purposes for many years to come.

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