How to Deal with All Your Junk after You Declutter

Home Improvementby Mashum Mollah30 March 2021

Deal with All Your Junk after You Declutter

Decluttering your home of unnecessary junk is an essential chore on your spring cleaning to-do list. It helps you tackle the mess that’s collected during a long winter and reorganize your space for the year ahead.

But there’s just one problem.

After working hard to gather all your clutter, you may not know what to do with the clothes, kitchen utensils, and paperwork you don’t want anymore.

If you aren’t sure how to deal with all the stuff you don’t need, ask yourself the following three questions. They’ll help you redirect your clutter, so it doesn’t hang around any longer than it has to.


Is it Broken?

If you have damaged or broken items that you can’t fix, it’s time to throw them out and let your municipal waste collections handle them.

Unfortunately, the curbside pickup may not be possible for large or specialty items, such as chemicals, furniture, household appliances, and electronics. These need to be disposed of carefully to ensure they don’t contaminate the environment.

If you don’t have a vehicle to transport these items on your own, a local moving company can help you move your junk and dispose of it safely. According to local movers like Metropolitan Movers, it doesn’t matter if you’re not moving to a new home. The best moving companies will provide junk removal services for anyone in need.

Is it Valuable?

Letting a local moving company pack up all your junk may be the easier route, but it doesn’t help when you have items that you can’t in good conscience call “junk.” You may have high-value electronics, jewelry, or appliances that don’t belong in the landfill.

Consider selling these items to earn a quick buck. Consignment stores and pawn shops may be happy to take these items off your hands, or you can post an ad on social media and online classified sites like Craigslist and Kijiji.

Is it in Good Shape?

By saving the hardest items for last, this question helps you tackle belongings that aren’t especially valuable. These may be old clothes, linens, or books that wouldn’t be worth the trouble of selling, but they aren’t destined for the landfill either.

As long as they’re clean and in good shape, you can donate these items to a charity of your choice. Plenty of charitable organizations arrange convenient pickups straight from your door, so you won’t even have to transport these items on your dime.

Take the time to research your local charities to see which ones are still taking donations during the pandemic. As long as there are no restrictions, donating your used goods is an easy way to clear out your home and make a difference in your community.

Say Ciao to Clutter:

Whether you toss it, sell it, or donate it, clutter needs to go. Once you say goodbye to your unneeded belongings, you can embrace all the benefits of a tidy home. Remember these tips as you spring clean, and you’ll free up space, make some money, and maybe even do some good.

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