First Time Camping? What You Need

Lifestyleby Ariana Smith30 June 2017

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So you finally decided to experience camping for the first time. Good on you! Camping is one of the most fun and enriching experiences you will have in your life. Some love it so much they even go practically every weekend and on every available holiday. However, since it is your first time you should hold back on thundering into the jungle like Tarzan because, well… you are not Tarzan. In fact, you could get really hurt out there if you do not know what you are doing. Nothing to panic about though; it is not exactly rocket science! You just need to be properly equipped with the right information and you are good to go. Start with what you need to take, explained right here.

Sleeping Gear

This includes tents, sleeping bags and everything else that comes along with them, including the tent poles, stakes and more. The first thing is to figure out your sleeping gear. When you are out there in nature, it is incredibly important to be prepared at all times. You cannot really figure out where you will be sleeping unless you consider yourself a Bear Grylls of some sort. Tent shopping can be tricky. There are small tents, large tents, and tents that can withstand all 4 seasons whilst others only 2 or 3. Some are lighter and some heavier. It all depends on what you need.

Torches and Other Lights

Again, it is not like you are some sort of nocturnal animal after all. You are out here in the wilderness for the first time, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in total darkness. Who knows what might come sniffing around your sleeping bag at night? You need to take plenty of lights with you, and that means flashlights, torches and anything else you can carry. Of course, this also means that you need to be well-stocked with emergency lighting batteries too. You need not invest in something particularly expensive, just as long as it is reliable and hardy, that is pretty much all that is needed.

Clean Water

This is a given, seeing as how water is a necessity. As you would imagine, clean water is one of the hardest things to come across out in the wild, although depending on where you go you might find some naturally available. In case you do not though, consider a water filtration system or, if you need something more portable, treatment tablets. They are easily available and can make your life so much easier when camping. Never drink water without cleaning it first, it could be deadly. As is can be cumbersome to lug around large contraptions, look for more portable options.

First Aid

Once again, unless you can identify plants and shrubs around the area that can help heal any wounds like Bear Grylls does, you need to arm yourself with a first aid kit. There is no knowing what could happen out there, and it is not like you can exactly run around looking for help; especially if you are camping solo. Pack all the essentials such as Betadine, Gauze, Surgical Spirit, Bandaids, aspirin and bug spray, as well as any specific medication you require as well.

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