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Securityby Mashum Mollah27 February 2021


Whether you are an owner of a small store or run a multi-million company, losing the key is always a headache. It makes your establishment vulnerable. There is always a danger of theft or the loss of customer data. Most of the shops or offices have a pre-programmed slide and shut the door.

When the key is lost, you need to rekey it. Replacement is always expensive. However, you need to ensure that the rekeying is done by a certified and professional locksmith.

What Gives Rise To The Need Of Rekeying?

There are 3 Conditions When You Need to Rekey The Door:

1. Loss of The Key:

Loss of the key

You may lose the key somewhere inside the store or outside. If you happen to lose it outside, anyone can pick it up. If he/she knows the key, the establishment faces the danger of breaking.

But if the key is left inside the store, you need a key to find that key! Rekeying allows you to make the previous key redundant. Thus, you get a new key to keep your firm safe.

2. Theft of The Key:

This happens when someone has been eyeing to break-in for a very long time. As soon as you detect the theft, you should rekey it. This will ensure that your property remains safe.

3. Terminated or Disgruntled Employees:

Usually, there is an employee who is responsible for the safekeeping of the key. But if he/she has been recently terminated, they may hold a grudge against you. Also, many employees forget to return the key or keep a duplicate key.

If your store has a biometric entrance check-in, make sure to delete that employee’s data. But if you have a lock-key model, better go for the rekeying. It will ensure the safe keep of your organization.

Should I Rekey Myself Or Call A Professional?

Rekey Myself Or Call A Professional

There are several tutorials on youtube that teach you to rekey the lock yourself. But, are you an expert? These tutorials are filmed by pro locksmiths. If you happen to miss even a single step, your lock is rendered useless.

Hiring a professional locksmith is always a better option. They have a proper rekeying toolkit along with expertise and experience. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a locksmith over doing it yourself:

  1. They guide you through the best lock-key type for your door.
  2. They have the expertise to rekey it according to your purpose.
  3. You save time and money. You can visit website to hire them online.

Advantages Of Rekeying

Many people think that getting a new lock is better than rekeying. They can’t be more wrong because:

  1. It is cheaper and less labor-intensive than replacing the whole lock. You just need to detach the lock from the door and take it to the locksmith.
  2. Rekeying allows the locksmith to assess the condition of the lock.
  3. You can use one master key for different types of locks.
  4. It is faster than lock replacement. You make your home/office safer in less time.

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